iPhone 6s Drop Test! (240fps Slo-Mo)

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Is the 7000 series aluminum and stronger glass enough to withstand these drops?
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48 Comments on iPhone 6s Drop Test! (240fps Slo-Mo)

  1. That's the same phone he used for the knife test. I feel like that's a 6, and I don't feel like he like apple, because 1. In his knife test you can see his Samsung in the background, and 2. EverythingApplePro did a drop test with the 6s and 6s plus, 6 and 6 plus from waist level, head level, and 10 feet, and the 6s/6s plus didn't crack

  2. do u like have a million iphones??? so u can test them, like shooting them with the arrow, the dropping test and others??? are u rich or something, please can u tell us or show us!!

  3. Why don't you just get a better phone because iPhone 6s is rubbish and they break.really easily even with a really nice phone case it still breaks easily maybe if you have a really really good phone case then it might not break but it will chip but to me iPhone 6s is pants a better word for pants shit… I've got a iPhone 5c. And yes that is such thing because I have one and I'm using it right now and I've dropped my iPhone 5C millions of times on that hard surfaces face flat with the phone close on and off and it hasn't cracked I think iPhone 5c is better than iPhone 6s iPhone 6s wastes your life and money

  4. He was making excuses that the footage got deleted watch everythingapplepros videos on it he said their is nothing I can do to break it he did a 10 foot drop. This guy prob smashed it with a hammer gtfo Matt admit it you hate apple

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