iPhone 6S – Complete Beginners Guide

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This iPhone 6S Beginners Guide covers Everything about the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, from 3D Touch to iOS 9, this 20 Chapter Video Guide has Everything you need to become an iPhone 6S Expert.
***Chapter Guide Below***

Chapter 1, Physical Features: 1:05
Chapter 2, Cables & Headphones: 4:48
Chapter 3, Turning Phone Off/On & Emergency Reboot: 7:52
Chapter 4, Backup your iPhone: 11:42
Chapter 5, Update your iPhone: 14:53
Chapter 6, iPhone Lockscreen: 16:27
Chapter 7, Changing your Wallpaper: 18:52
Chapter 8, Setting your Passcode: 21:49
Chapter 9, Setting up Touch ID: 24:29
Chapter 10, Control Center: 27:07
Chapter 11, Notification Center: 33:46
Chapter 12, Multitasking: 37:52
Chapter 13, How to use Siri: 40:32
Chapter 14, 3D Touch: 46:12
Chapter 15, Spotlight Search: 52:11
Chapter 16, Downloading Apps: 53:59
Chapter 17, Move & Delete Apps: 1:01:11
Chapter 18, Stock Applications: 1:03:13
Chapter 19, Settings: 1:23:47
Chapter 20, Summary: 1:34:16

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40 Comments on iPhone 6S – Complete Beginners Guide

  1. Thanks for the video it helped me a lot. I personally dont update my phone because I never use the features and it wastes a lot of storage. I dont backup either, I generally download the apps manually when I get a new iPhone. My photos and all are actually on Google photos so that's fine. My music (YouTube to mp3) is on Google drive then I download them from there. Thanks so much again though, now I can use 3d touch and use my camera to its full capability.

  2. Hi Appfind I am now subscribed. I am breaking my brain trying to find out how you recorded your screen with a camera without getting moire color rainbows like I do all the time? What camera or settings are you using? Thank so much if you can help me :-)

  3. You never talked about the iPhone's I.q.nobody knows the iPhone has one!and how to turn it on thank you for the great video,by the way I am totally blind6yrs.and2mo.from diabetes so I love siri????

  4. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover how to use an iphone basics try Nevolly iPhone Blueprint Nerd(just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.

  5. I just have a question, does the do not disturb button and the mute switch do the same thing? Does one work better than the other, and do they both completely block any incoming notifications? Thank you

  6. You mentioned that it's important to turn off your phone at least once a week – does it matter for how long? Like, the length of a movie or overnight? Thanks! (I'm trying to be more responsible now that I have updated tech)

  7. Thanks!! What a lifesaver for me. I would have never discovered all of this information on my own. The video was interesting, moved at a good rate and packed full of essential information for getting started. I will subscribe.

  8. Thank you for the instruction you provided in this video. I learned so much. Previously, I had a trouble in uploading a medical app. When I changed my ID and password at an apple store, I lost photos taken in 2015 and stored in the photo app. How can I retrieve those images? hiko

  9. "this can come in a lot of handy" lol Also I was taking this video seriously until the ibotta ad in the middle of the video.. wonder if they sponsor this or something because that was some ridiculous praise for one app.

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