IPhone 6s and 6s+ Review – The Best Phones of 2015?

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My thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Enjoy!
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35 Comments on IPhone 6s and 6s+ Review – The Best Phones of 2015?

  1. dude i subscribed to your channel one week ago. im pretty sure you need much more subscribers. you talk without bias, and your sound is not annoying…

  2. I love using my iphone mainly for texting/calling and a liitle bit of checking my fb; however most of the time I use my note 5 for multi media purposes like taking photo/ video watching / social apps etc. but I really hate the android UI.

    hopefully the iphone 7 will be a beast with wireless charging capability/ bigger storage / better screen plssss / water resistant

  3. I need:

    Samsung's Battery Life
    iPhone Camera
    iPhone Touch ID (Too fast on android)
    iPhone Build Quality
    LG Modular Features
    HTC Old Boom Sound Front Facing Speakers
    HTC's 4GB RAM
    iPhone A9X Chip
    iPhone SE Edges
    Mororola Colour Customisation
    Samsung's Wireless Charging
    Samsung's Water Resistance
    Samsung's Display

  4. this guy makes really nice videos…..every sentence and word he speaks has purpose, logic and really makes sense…. keep going man don't stop making tech videos…

  5. Now to me android and iOS are so alike now it's not like my last iPhone I had (iPhone 4s) that both where different but not only three things set it apart android file system (can get that though jailbrake) the app drawer and and the hardware design difference (I'm taking about stock android) ((Samsung galaxy s phone are way different but still similar in ways)) unless you want a different design from anyone else you can't really tell a difference anymore

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