iPhone 6S and 6S Plus review

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The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have 3D Touch on the screen and 12 megapixels behind the camera lens. Are the new features enough to get you to upgrade?

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39 Comments on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus review

  1. After hearing about praises about Ios and Apple. I decided to give a shot to Ios, switched to Ios from Android and bought an Iphone 6s (128gb) with very high expectations. I have gone with the highest memory option. Because, these phones do not support micro sd cards and I thought with Android logic. It opens the games or apps very fast. I appreaciate it. It opens at least 2 faster than my oId Android phone (Lg G3). No lags when using very heavy conditions, I really liked it. But…After using it for a while, I am very disappointed. I do not know where to start. But let's start with the Itunes dependency. I really hated being forced send my files from my pc to iphone only with itunes or other itunes based programs. Android was really good and easy with it, just drag and drop (create folders, name them, put documents into them etc.). For instance, I added some of my photos into my iphone with itunes (sync), they have been sent and then I decided to add some more, but the old ones have been deleted and newer ones added (So we have to add all of them at one time). I was really **** off, why do they have to make just storaging photos so hard? Other than that I really like watching Tv series and movies (I download and watch them at nights when I am at work because I both study and work). But my iphone does not support even most common video formats like flv, avi etc . On my Android no matter what just drag and drop, every video can be watched without problem. There are just too much limitations, making ringtones is very hard, cutting the music on itunes, changing its format into AAC and then changing its format m4r again and then adding it into the ringtones. I could do these process just with 2 click on my Android phone. I could use my Android phone as hard disc, but doing the same thing with my iphone is imposible. I can't use my bluetooth with non iphones… I am having trouble with connecting wireless networks which has no password… There are no themes… There are many boring things like them. I got bored to see those walls when I want to do something with my iphone. All I want is freedom just as in Android. I want to use my phone as hard disc without needing other programs like itunes. These technologies are supposed to ease our lives. But unfortunately Ios does not do it for me..

  2. We need better battery life. Other from that, I love all these new phones on the market 🙂 I think I'll buy this one soon. I have an iPhone 5c and I reaaally need to update… :)

  3. My dad got my mom an iPhone 6s Plus for their wedding anniversary, while I'm stuck with a horrible iPhone 5 with battery problems, cracked screen, and randomly shuts down, and he still says "wait a couple of years" WHAT?!

  4. Am I the only one who is bothered by the toy-quality iPhone Glass Display? 3 days of use, with extreme care, the screen is full of micro-scratches. Where is Apple's Legendary quality? And another thing that drives me crazy: why on iPhone 6S (non Plus) models (iOS 9.3.1) the Live Wallpapers have different brightness between the Static and the Dynamic Image? On Plus models this problem doesn't exist, I tried ALL the iPhone 6S (and Plus) at the Apple store just to verify myself.

  5. For the first time, I am considering switching from Samsung for the iPhone after Apple released 6S.
    I like that it is minimalist 4.7-inch and feels good in the hand, given that I have small hands.
    but the question is how good is it compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6?

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