iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review: Pushing Smartphones Forward

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The iPhone 6s (5.04 ounces and 0.28 inches) is a bit thicker and heavier than the older iPhone (4.6 ounces and 0.27 inches). The same thing goes for the 6s Plus (6.8 ounces and 0.29 ounces) versus the old Plus (6.07 ounces and 0.28 inches). I don’t mind trading extra weight for the sensors that makes the 3D Touch screen possible, but I do mind the thick bezel around these phones. In comparison, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is shorter than the iPhone 6s Plus yet crams in a larger 5.7-inch screen, complete with a more fetching dual-curved display.
3D Touch Is a Game Changer
What comes after multitouch? Apple answers that question on the new iPhones with 3D Touch, which uses capacitive pressure…

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