iPhone 6S and 6S Plus hands-on, with 3D Touch

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Force sensitive displays, new cameras and faster processors: we take a look at the new iPhones and Live Photos, too.

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30 Comments on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus hands-on, with 3D Touch

  1. I'm a hardcore droid fan and I actually like the new specs and features. I have balls enough to admit defeat! How can I get rid of my att 2 year contract that I have on my note 4???? Help! I want an iPhone now. Please reply I get paid next Friday I'm totally doing the switch I already backed my stuff on the new Apple app

  2. They make a big deal out of the press and hold feature.. wtf.. samsung 3 years ago can work without touching your phone, just hover your finger over the screen..

  3. its amazing how people think 3d touch is same as long press. ios has had long press for long time too, to move icns and etc.
    the difference is 3d touch is able to recognize how much pressure you apply to screen by its capacitive sensor under screen how hard is this to understand? are people being obtuse on purpose?

  4. Obvious Android users out there. When a new Android device comes out, do obvious iPhone users bash on that product? Just wondering. I just stick with what I like. Which is why I never understood how Android users make their way into Apple videos and spend their valuable time in the comments bashing on something that they don't "care" about.

  5. Why do Android people always come and hate on everything they can…It's so annoying every iPhone video android fans will always find something to complain about and try to bash Apple and its consumers..

  6. something like this (specifically talking about the floating menu on an app) would be nice on android, so u can pop up a menu right by the icon to force stop an app that isnt working fine… i know it already has a menu on top to remove/uninstall or open app info but… i kinda find that annoying.

    As far as the 3D touch.. doesnt WOW me…. i feel the name its just to mask that the iphone 6S didnt really had anything going on …. so they tried to market it as much as possible. if they wouldve just put a lil hole for you to put a piece of string so it doesnt fall off you hands.. they wouldve call it the .. " life saver" and make deal out of it….

    I stopped being an iphone user long time ago…. but both android and iOS have their ups and downs. but om sticking with android as i like to change phones every 3 months just for fun… not every year..

  7. Ahh what is so special about this feature,bcos every body on this planet knows there will be a time where phone touches or screen will move to 3d but this particular 3d is the low grade type,yes Samsung may copy it but in an advanced n with the best 3d technology not this dull thin apple calls 3d. apple should give thanks to china market just bcos south korea is not in terms with China.Samsung would have outsell apple world wide. Just buy an iPhone6s plus and galaxy s6 edge plus n compare the 2

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