iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Drop Test!

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Drop test of the new Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. These new iPhones are made out of a tougher 7000 series aluminum and Apple claims they have the “strongest glass on any smartphone” – claims we put to the test in this video.

For behind the scenes, follow me here:


23 Comments on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Drop Test!

  1. Right… So “strongest glass on any smartphone”… I've had 3 Androids in private and one through work in the last 5 years or so… I'm a REAL klutz when it comes to my phones, an I've dropped each one of them many times, NEVER cracked a screen! (They have all been "tough" phones though; Defy+, Z1, Z5, xcover for the same reason)… Problem is now I'm getting an iPhone 6s through work and because of company policy I'm not allowed to get an Android. So I hope i won't break the iPhone!
    I could get a blackberry or windows phone instead of an iPhone, but that would probably be even worse for me considering user interface and especially apps! :P

  2. I see you have a lot of flag ship phones and I was wondering if you could send me an I phone 6 if it wasn't too much trouble or maybe even start a giveaway plz reply thank you

  3. I dropped the iPhone 6s on a lino floor from 3 feet and it ruined the LED so the screen was unusable – I showed them your video but the guys in the apple shop said tough thats the way the cookie or the iPhone crumbles

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