iPhone 6S & 6S Plus – What to expect ?

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Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. We have compiled all the leaks and rumors so far. All you need to know about the iphone 6S and the 6S Plus.

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41 Comments on iPhone 6S & 6S Plus – What to expect ?

  1. Great video! I'm getting excited! I already have a new iPhone 6 so I probably won't be upgrading right away, but I have a friend who needs a new phone (her iPhone 5c is dying!) and I told her to wait until the release of the iPhone 6s and then I will help her get one!

  2. I'm pretty sure Apple has never stated that the iPhone 6 has Corning Gorilla Glass. I'm guessing the iPhone 6s will have 1080 screen and optical image stabilization, and the 6 + will just simply be slightly more durable

  3. I've actually been expected a face recognition since before the 5s came out… Have upgraded to every new model every year but I'm yet to find what I have been hoping for.

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