iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Security and Privacy Settings – iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

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Protect your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus privacy and security with iOS 9. You need to enable and disable these specific settings.

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24 Comments on iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Security and Privacy Settings – iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

  1. All this fear mongering and paranoia is sad. Apps and services and advertisers use this information to HELP you. The usage statistics are used to improve future versions of the iOS and apps for YOU based on how YOU use it.
    Have you ever heard of this information being misused? NO! Just people like you spreading fear and misinformation and making the life of developers harder by denying them valuable usage statistics for no good reason.

  2. As much as I appreciate this video, but having iOS (not to speak about Android) is not that secure at all. That's the reason why I use a Blackberry 10 device. Just when you see what "all-day-apps" like WhatsApp or Twitter get in the background when you use iOS/Android is just bad. For example: Twitter checks your location at least about 300 times/day and WhatsApp forwards all your e-mails and SMS to their servers. Only on BlackBerry 10 you can block those actions.

  3. Thank you Dan for the tips.
    I have a problem with SIRI in iPhone 6.
    here it is : when I click on the home button, it does not make that usual sound, it only vibrates so it is a bit weird to not here that sound. Now, I do not know whether it is working or not unless I actually look at the phone.Before you just hear the sound and you knew it is on.
    I hope you can help me here. Again keep up the great work Dan
    Take care

  4. Dear Dan,
    Whenever I plug in my IPod Touch 6th Generation (Which is not wrong) Windows Explorer would not recognize that it is plug in… however Itunes recognize when plug in due to the IPod symbol next to the radio symbol in Itunes… I already re plugged the IPod Touch.. It happened to me 20mins ago.. can you help me

    Thank you

  5. I love your videos and find them very helpful even though I know a lot about iPhone alright it still helps me a lot if I forget something or would just like to review it your videos are very helpful keep it up

  6. good video, but i have 1 equation for you??????????
    i saw in video you have what,up and my too, but my what'sup show in microphone and your i don't see icon, why???

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