iPhone 6s + 6s Plus Review!

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iPhone 6s + 6s Plus Review!
iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S6 Review! https://youtu.be/DOicVjlkG1s
The iPhone 6s has a faster A9 chip, comes in Rose Gold, shoots 4K video but is it worth picking up?

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  1. I bought a 6S Plus today. My 6 battery is driving me insane so went for the latest version of the big boy. I went with 16GB again. I don't find it too restrictive. Good memory management and it's all good. Plus, the Reef iBridge can record video and pics directly across multiple devices if you get really stuck and it's nowhere near as expensive second hand.

  2. Jonathan, I've had my iPhone 6s Plus for over 3 and a half months now and I am experiencing 2 major let downs. One of them being that the Touch ID is acting up and not responding to my fingerprint(s) and the other being that the battery life is getting worse and worse. I don't know how to fix these problems so if you have any suggestions, that'd be much appreciated. Thank you! and I love your videos man!

  3. Got a 6s plus…having issues of battery draining and getting very hot. Apple replaced it…now it is laggy. Although I miss the big screen and battery life I don't regret going back to the regular 6s. No lag, no issues, no problems. ??

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