iPhone 6 VS Sony Z2 Comparison and SPEED TEST

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Comparing the iPhone 6 vs Sony Z2. Physical differences, speed test, boot up tests and loading times. Which device would you prefer?

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38 Comments on iPhone 6 VS Sony Z2 Comparison and SPEED TEST

  1. Got my Z2 the same day it was released, a little more than 2 years ago. Haven't had a single problem with it so far, and the fact that its waterproof makes things so much better.

  2. Its been an year to my Xperia Z2 and I am really happy with the device unlike the iPhone 6. My family members have iPhones ranging from 5s to 6 and currently added a new 6s. But I made a decision to be different and purchased the xperia. I play GTA san andreas lag free. I multi task very easily without any App crash or OS crash. Android 5.1.1 + its Snapdragon processor + 3GB RAM is a solid experience. 5.1.1 made this device even more smoother. I took underwater pictures with this device in an amusement park and yes that 20.7 MP is just brilliant. X-Reality and Bionz, you'll never find it in any smartphone other than an xperia. There is just one flaw just a tiny very tiny flaw. That LCD display looks a bit worn out in broad sunlight. Yes the Z3 and Z3+ have a better screen and overcome this drawback. Oh yes the flash. You'll feel its very small as compared to dual LED flash but it works good. Still I would prefer a dual LED flash. (Nokia lumia 925 had an amazing dual led flash even way before the iPhone 5s)
    Recently I dropped it from my suv and cracked it. Got my screen replaced but I just might get myself a new Z2 again.
    Or a new Z3. Time and money will tell this. Haha.

  3. the Z1 was my last Xperia, do not buy this shit, now i have iphone 6, really quick, better photos ( exceptlly in night condition), no lags, no heating as with Z1, i'm really happy now and i will never buy any Xperia

  4. I have the z2 n I love it it has a 20.7 mega pixle camera plus a front facing speaker and a bottom speaker and when I charge it it last 2 days of me constantly uploading to YouTube and watching videos

  5. I was about to buy an iPhone 6, then i changed my mind and bought the Xperia Z2.. and now i regret for the rest of my life! It's a great phone comparing to my old (Nexus 4) but in that price range i was expecting more! I think if i just buy the iPhone i would be much happier.

  6. este tio es gilipollas no sabe q al ser diferentes OS esta mas optimizado IOS pero el z2 en terminos fe hardware es mucho pero k mucho mss potente solo k el iphone 6 esta un pokito mas optimizado nada mas

  7. The iPhone clearly outperformed the z2. You are a little (a lot) biased towards android and I think if you are reviewing two products your review should be objective. The points where the z2 did better than the iPhone were highlighted, while the points where the iPhone shined were deemed "not a noticeable difference". I am not an apple fanboy, I just believe a review should be unbiased.

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