iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test (4K)

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iPhone 6 from the last year goes one on one vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in an epic speed test battle including multitasking, app opening, browsing & more.

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36 Comments on iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test (4K)

  1. Hello friend I live in Brazil like your video , and the way I saw you in a position to do so .. Friend me of an iphone ? I never had a .. would appreciate if you gave me a ..

  2. What a biased review. First of all he is using a damaged 6. The camera focused faster first on the 6 so he does the test again to make sure the s7 wins, then when loading web pages the browser stopped loading on the 6 way before the s7 and he was saying "woah that's really close" no it wasn't the 6 stopped loading way before

  3. samsung wins again u nooby boobys ishit phone is the worst ever hey apple company watch out samsung is gona eat more from ur boddy shitty poisoned apple apple is a shit guys

  4. If you fucked up your iphone 6S you can't compare it with a new phone, i have galaxy s6 too but samsung start to sucks a lot, touch repsonse is to 95%, didnt get a perfect tauch, battery sucks more every month pass. Fuck your samsung phone, apple is the best, samsung = made in china, like a second hand organization…

  5. Wow, game bug in multitasking S7, was disgraceful! I wondered at the delay in the i6 open the AppStore. In my i6 Plus, iOS 9.3 is instantaneous. And I wanted to see the S7 open heavy games like GTA, temple run and real racing before the i6.

  6. Was waiting for this test ios 9 made the iPhone 6 more faster than ios 8.4.1 just upgraded my iphone 6 to ios 9 from ios 8 last week

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