iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9 – 3 Way Comparison

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Here is a three way Comparison Between the iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9 vs Samsung S6 Edge.

More info on the HTC One M9:

More info on the iPhone 6:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

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35 Comments on iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9 – 3 Way Comparison

  1. All of these phones are amazing! But i must say that the m9 is a dream phone! I have had it now for about 5months untill someone droped beer on it and the touch doesnt work anymore about to get fixed now.. But it is an epic phone! It handles everything so perfectly and smoth! But then comes the camera, well i would say that it is OKAY not that bad at all especially not if you just use it for snapchat or instagram or somehing like that then its actually a pretty good camera! But if you buy one, you can be sure that there is a 100% chance that youre going to fall in love with it! Miss it so much:( and by the way im stuck with the s6..

  2. The looks and quality feel of the HTC is worth the price alone. It´s like the iMac of phones. In daily use small differences in specs are almost irrelevant. Camera should have been better though.

  3. One thing that should be taken into consideration when buying one of these phones is the durability. I personally have a HTC one m9 and I think it is the most durable although the others are still great choices. If you want a physically strong and durable phone, definitely go with the one m9.

  4. This is awful. This is comparing specs. I sold my s6 for a note 5. than sold my note 5 for a one m9. Samsung makes fantastic hardware but there software is the worst. so much fucking lag. I love my one m9 no lag at all. The only problem is back camera sucks. i'll have a bad camera over shitty laggy software.

  5. m9 all the way for me. have it, love it. I work outdoors, it holds up the best and personally has the easiest screen to see in the sun, I don't care what reviewers say… the s6 putting a glass back on the phone may be the single worst thing they could have done for someone like me. also HTC replaces your phone for free if you break it, no questions asked. Battery lasts all day. I prefer Android over iOS. it's all preference at this high phone level, I prefer the HTC

  6. htc one m9 is a phone that gets the closest to faultless, i've always been a samsung fanboy and had s3 s4 and s6 i had the s6 for a month then sold it to try something new like an htc then i bought an m9 and i've had it for about a month now and it is amazing! i love it! it has never laged ever! and it has amazing speakers and the performance is great, and for my use the camera gets the job done just fine, and its hands down the prettiest phone ever! and the s6 does lag sometimes like if you write on youtube htc one m9 lag there is nothing about any lag and if you search galaxy s6 lag yeah then oh my there will come some explains,

  7. I feel sorry for the guy doing his best trying to keep the competition alive when the S6 destroyed the other two easily..
    Btw, the display is ridiculously superior on the S6, I understand that it's better but not THAT much better, I think the brightness is set higher than the other two or something..Thanks for the review, good job!

  8. Excellent review! Thank you! Was considering buying the M9 because of the design and sound quality since I love listening to music on my M7. But the camera is terrible! Was sold on my niece's Samsung S4 photos and videos and now that the S6 is out, I'm heading out to my local T-Mobile store and picking up my next phone.

  9. there is no way the iphone has better low light performance than the gs6. if you think so you really need your eyes checked. maybe the iPhone 6s can compare.

  10. Did he just complemented iPhone's low light performance, or was he just joking? Iphone rear camera has an f2.2 or worse as far as i know, how can this produce better photos than the f1.9 of the Galaxy s6 edge in the dark?

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