iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Speed Test

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iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Speed and performance test, with Geekbench 3 Benchmark, Boot up test, Browser, apps and gaming speed tests.

Announced along with the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6 features a 4.7 inch screen, an 8MP iSight camera with TrueTone flash, an A8 64 bit Processor with new Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology with Apple Pay.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 phone features a 5.1 inch screen with 1080p resolution, 16 MP camera with Fast AF capable of filming 4K UHD 2160p Video, 2GB RAM, is IP67 certified – dust and water resistant and features Fingerprint sensor (Integrated with PayPal) and Built in Heart rate sensor.

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45 Comments on iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Speed Test

  1. and the apple's web browser don't load the full of webpage so if you click on something it loads it again,and in samsung's web browser you can scroll the webpage before it load the all of the line

  2. iPhone users think there the shit rn because I this review the apple device pretty much won I won't argue but the iPhone 6 is really new as the s5 isn't and now the s6 is here and it totally shits on the iPhone 6.

  3. You can pick android where you MAY get a slightly (ever so slighty) advantage in speed SOMETIMES or you could get the iphone where it has a solid reliable speed which kiss android most of the time

  4. Answer for iphone fanboys.  why iphone seems faster ? well check the specification..  GPU of ip6 is quad core. and android and apple totally run interfare differently, apple is rendered on gpu and samsung render on cpu(only user interfare) and for games Optimization is done in every single iphone model (its possible because ios is same on every iphone plus apple made iphone in few models) and there are countless android devices) I ll tell u android is Personal computer and iphone is gaming console (just comparision). So shut the fuck off. before talking think twice. 

  5. I have the galaxy s5 and I just did a speed test with my bro who has iPhone 5s and he beat me at everything except instagram. Even at Google apps like chrome and YouTube. Does anyone know why that is. Both our phones were bought new and we don't use them that heavily.

  6. Apple copied samsung literally everybody in my school were talking about it with the button being on the side and being thin and stuff and making it big I'm not hating tho

  7. The quality of the iPhone has always and will always be better than android phones. Your interface and operating systems are bad, unattractive to the eye. The 6 is faster than the S5. The body of all iPhones have looked better than any android phone. iPhones are just much more reliable and worth the money. I don't really care about your android loving opinions either because what i said is correct. Peace.

  8. 1. S5 wins.
    2. Google chrome is WHAT EVERY ANDROID USER uses, the default one is just stupid to use. Apple endorses Safari, Android endorses Google chrome, do that again with google chrome if you're trying to be fair.
    3. S5 WINS
    4. Sure I'll give it to iPhone
    5. The video was like .5 seconds faster, its not even worth mentioning.


  9. Iphone is a boring smartphone not a singel game emulator exist on appstore thats why u like android more + u can down load mp3 to u phone withoute using crap itunes. Worst thing apple ever did was itunes 

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