iPhone 6 VS Phone 5S Comparison and SPEED TEST

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Comparing the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S. Physical differences, speed test, boot up tests and loading times. Which device would you prefer?

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31 Comments on iPhone 6 VS Phone 5S Comparison and SPEED TEST

  1. Honestly one of the worst things of the iPhone 6 is that it's not completely flat, and having that camera popping out really bugs me since I don't like a cover on my phone. I prefer the iPhone 5s

  2. I know this won't majorly affect much but you had what seemed like lots of data on your iPhone 5s compared to the what I think is a clean iPhone 6.

  3. Karl, you turned off Animations on 5s, Why? I'm not saying anything bad, I just think you should have kept the animations on the 5s cause it makes it looks nicer. Why did you turn the animations off?

  4. I am a girl and i do have a thin hand do u think i should buy 6 or 6 plus .,, does it deserves the price difference and does the gold phone has a different price that the other colors? Love ur videos 

  5. Nice video u think the 5s is still a really good phone but obviously the I phone 6 is gonna be better.

    What do u think karl is the I phone 6 extremely better than the 5s

  6. Hey,i Love your Videos and i want to ask you if i sould get an iPhone 5s or an htc one m8. They cost here in Germany exactly the Same. Thank you 🙂 greetings from Germany!

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