iPhone 6 vs Moto X (2nd Gen) Speed Test

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Moto x is one of the fastest android smartphone while iphone is praised because of how its software manages to stay so fast despite low specs. Lets see how these device compare with each other in terms of speed.

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33 Comments on iPhone 6 vs Moto X (2nd Gen) Speed Test

  1. The iPhone can open games faster than some android devices but you have to remember that the moto x as many other phones are running on higher screen resolution.

  2. Lol I watched this thinking this was the Moto X Play.. If that's a 2014 phone comparing to the iPhone 6, I guess the Play will be far more powerful or at least faster :D

  3. Actually, the moto X is heaps faster. Loading times on games don't really show the power of the processor, but the way the OS handles the request and how the game/app developer developed the game/app. And internet speed, on "internet apps". So this isn't really a good way of testing the speed on both phones.

  4. Iphone is more than twice as expensive here in sweden. Better camera and a slightly faster gpu is definately not worth it lol.. And dont get me started on how bad ios is.. I hate my ipad lol

  5. I have both of these phones and I love them both but aspects like rapid charging and Google Now make me like the Moto X a little bit more but the overall performance of iOS apps overall make the iPhone experience a little bit better at times. I don't think one can regret either choice. 

  6. Note that the code bases for the apps on each device are different in general.  It isn't just how fast is the device but also how fast is the startup code for the app.  That is why perf has to be measured other ways.

  7. He should have closed apps in the background before testing app launching the second time round, second test not really valid as it wouldn't really make a difference as they are already open

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