iPhone 6 vs LG G3 – Speed Test (4K)

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We put Apple’s new iPhone 6 against the Lg G3. On paper the G3 is a clear winner but will its superior hardware translate into real word advantages?

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy s5 Speed Test – http://bit.ly/1rre5FF

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 – Camera Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LWvdWfYGh4

Music Featured in Video :http://bit.ly/1sUvZgt

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45 Comments on iPhone 6 vs LG G3 – Speed Test (4K)

  1. Look, all the people who are making excuses need to understand that Apple's iOS is MUCH more optimized than Android, especially 4.4.2 at the time of this video. If you flashed CM13 on LG G3, I'm 100% positive that this outcome would differ.

  2. I think this was a valid test, but I think this test shows that most apps are optimized for iOS rather than android. The g3 is by no means a bad phone I mean look at how well the 3gb ram was during multitasking

  3. you can come up with the excuse that the g3 is running on 2gb of ram in america when it really needs 3 gb of ram like the european model to maximize the processor speeds, which is why i hate apple because they might be sleek with their os and all but its dumbed down not to be popular but because  they still sell 700 dollar phones with one gb of ram lol.

  4. This is like testing a bare bones Ferrari against a fully loaded rolls royce. Yes the Ferrari is faster but with has more things and convenience. Up to you.

  5. It's not a fair test! You have to take in consideration that the G3 has a higher resolution, more pixels and better colors; Actually, the G3 brings with it a 2K screen while the apple phone only carries a 750p, so in terms of hardware, process information for that huge screen can get a little bit hard unlike the iphone, because of its lower resolution it inferior hardware can process more easily, but if it had a 2K screen with that set up of 1GB and 1.4Ghz, it would terrible to use it. Peace out :)

  6. The iphone 6 has 3 times less pixels
    Iphone runs ios 8
    Lg g3 has android 4.4.2 kitkat(harder to run )
    Iphone has smaller screen
    Over all they are both grate phones

  7. Maybe this explains why the LG G3 is selling for 49.99 including a free tablet and the iPhone 6 sells for 250.00. Big difference in price but also a difference in speed as well. Both at Verizon for pricing reference.

  8. reason the G3 lacks in the speed department is the operating systeml if you put IOS on a G3 it would be a different story, that's 1 thing i hate about android, it's not as smooth and simple as ios, i wish it was :(

  9. The G3s snapdragon is child play towards apples A8 chip. The one downsider about the i6 is the bendable phone. But what beats the competition is the sapphire crystal screen, known the be the second most durable glass to mankind, diamond being first.

  10. TechSource is an Apple Fanboy. It's My Opinion. Becouse LG Have 2k Screen and iPhone's Screen Is a Shit 😀 I Know There Is More iPhone Users Than LG but iPhone is For Who Wants To Spend Money For Junk Things.

  11. Illiterate people again. The iPhone's are very basic. The operating system is very basic hence why a duel core is fast. Put those specs in an android phone and I guarantee it won't even be able to swipe through the home pages

  12. Apple z shitty it is much less in resolution than g3 compare 3 gb ram lg g3 running on latest android lollipop and it will fuck the hell out of your iphone………..
    G3 z far better optn than an iphone
    Iphn z only used by peoples to show off nthng mre than dat as far as i knw……..:p

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