iPhone 6 VS LG G3 Comparison and SPEED TEST

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Comparing the iPhone 6 vs LG G3. Physical differences, speed test, boot up tests and loading times. Which device would you prefer?

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39 Comments on iPhone 6 VS LG G3 Comparison and SPEED TEST

  1. Well the G3 isn't that slow considering all the pixels hos screen has. Plus if you want to make your G3 faster you can make the animations faster in your settings and it will run as fast as the iPhone 6.

  2. g3 is just awsome. it fast nice resolution and the s5 and g3 both have same processor but g3 runs the games more smoother. iphone is not android so should compare 2 android devices or 2 ios devices

  3. g3 is much better. Waterproof almost indestructsble screen compared to ( other iphones ) G3 brings more complicated but fun ways to have fun like rooting aka jailbreaking. Btw. go to developer mode and turn off animations then see which phone loads quicker

  4. of corse lg g3 becouse after you have yoused both devises can you feel the difrense the iphone starts to ho slow after a few weeks while the lg g3 is just as fast it was rhen it was new and g3 has 13mg camera while the iphone is locked on 8mg

  5. It seems you didn't consider that iPhones look like they've fully loaded an application, but in the top left corner you can see it's still loading discretely. Therefore the G3 did finish first a couple of times.

  6. I Have The LG G3 Its A Pretty Good Phone But One Thing I Didnt Like Is I Dropped My Phone 1 Time And Now Only Half Of My Screen Works Its A Pretty Fragile Phone

  7. I have both phones and even though the lg has larger battery the iPhone actually lasts me longer than the lg. I watch luke 30minutes of YouTube videos and stream 2 hours of music a day and the iPhone would be on 60% and lg would be 40%. If androids were fully optimized like ios then I'd definitely keep the android but for now the ios is better in my opinion 

  8. And the iphone plays apps and games in 720p not 1080p while the lg g3 plays apps and games in 2k if the game can
    Google maps Facebook and Twitter all can run in 2k so the lg g3 proves that it has 2 times the power and 3 times more ram and bigger battery better camera(4k) when the iphone 6 has a 1080p camera. It just proves that apple is copying Samsung phones
    Iphone 6/6 plus=Samsung galaxy s3
    Iphone 5/5s/5c=Samsung galaxy s2 plus
    Iphone 4/4s=Samsung galaxy s1

    They have almost the same specs from screen to ram to gpu to cpu just that apple calls the snapdragon a A7,8,9 prosser

  9. The only reason the iphone is as fast is ios that is super simple (cheap) if you could run Android on the iphone 6 it would be as fast as a Samsung galaxy s3 

  10. I feel that the G3 loaded faster and it was not fair to compare the widgets loading on the G3 to the iPhone as…wait for it…none of the iPhone's widgets were loading (on the screen) and waiting for the wireless internet to kick in and provide the data (weather info). If anything, the G3 widget load speed depends on how good or bad your wifi speed is at the time.

  11. haha 😀 i would never pay double of price for half or one second faster xD. i like apple but hate their prices. and users who say that apple is better just idiots. you cant compare android against ios. ios runs on one device. android had to run on nearly every phone..:D

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