iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9 Full Comparison

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In this video, saki from sakitech will do a full comparison between the HTC One M9 and the iPhone 6. HTC One M9 was released in March 2015 whereas the iPhone 6 was released in September 2014.

There are vastly different devices, so let’s see what makes them so different by looking at the following:

Build and Design
Processor, Memory and Graphics
Battery Life
Size and Weight
Speed Test

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23 Comments on iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9 Full Comparison

  1. this comparison is non sense…comparing m9 to a shit phone…which doesn't even come close to m9.
    even the m7 and m8 beats this iphone 6 with outdated features in it.

  2. Obvious fanboy is obvious. Says the back camera is better, okay that's fine. Shows the specs of the front facing cameras
    and then never mentions it again. And since when are apps superior on iOS? My experience is that the cool inde developers that make revolutionary stuff tend to be android exclusive, 3rd party apps often have more functionality on Android, however big 3rd party apps run by huge corporations tend to come out in IOS a few months sooner. Also, since when is a phone being lighter and thinner a good thing? Wtf? I want it to feel good in my hand. The iPhone 6 always feels like I'm going to drop it.

  3. I had the m7(gave to family) and currently the iPhone 6 now. I really like the m9 but the support will disappear after two years as far as updates. With Apple, every iPhone is updated and supported. I like sense tho and it's not touch whiz but it's still android. Saying that, the camera is why I will stick with the iPhone 6, and the support.

  4. i think this the best fair review of this 2 devices , I own the HTC and yes u are right I like the customization a lot 🙂 is simple fast and really fun, and the Dolby audio is just awesome , also I'm a SD storage fan , I don't take pictures so the HTC is the best device for me :)

  5. M9 wins cause of Sense UI – iOS8 is snappy fast but it`s look and feel hasn`t changed since first iPhone came out so it`s kinda boring in these days. The phones bodys – well, HTC made from an already beautiful body a piece of jewelry while Apple just made it………… o.k.
    Over all in specs HTC is top of the line while Apple`s technology`s stranded on "two core age" and well, as long as it sells it`s good for Apple (question is just how long ppl wanna spend high dollar for oldschool tech????)
    Winner for me – no doubt about it – the fresh shiny M9 trinket!

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