iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 – Yes, I switched back

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Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6 has definitely made a ton of headlines. From the rumored “bendgate” issues of the iPhone 6 Plus, to this being Apple’s best selling iPhone lineup in history, a lot is to be expected from Apple’s latest and greates smartphone. Is this iPhone really worth your money, or should you consider other Android options in the market?

My Twitter account has been on fire lately, and that’s mainly because I was the guy that ditched the iPhone 5s for an HTC One M8 a few months ago. Now that everyone has learned that I’m back to using an iPhone 6, it’s only fair that we give these phones some proper comparison treatment. The HTC One M8 is still one of the best Android smartphones of the year, and today we’ll show how it competes against Apple’s best iPhone.


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44 Comments on iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 – Yes, I switched back

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  3. Very subjective review and opinion. The reviewer talks only about what he "really like" for example, it says that 2 mm of thickness is HUGE, but the screen resolution HD and Full HD is not huge… The speaker of iPhone is MONO, but is OK, no problem (by the way, we are in 2016 not 1916). When iPhone doesn't have something that HTC have, the reviewer say "I just don't need that" but when HTC doesn't have something iPhone have, it is just a HUGE difference. This review doesn't worth the time spent to watching it. Bad reviewer!

  4. Better phone? What dose it matter if YOU like it and it dose what YOU need it to do well? Technology is constantly evolving so technical superiority doesn't count for much for very long. Stop being angry cause the world isn't a clone of YOU, wanna call me an iSheep cause I love the iPhone? Fine I'm an sheep -_-

  5. Don't understand why people are pissed about someone's opinion . I notice dude had a iMac,MacBook and talked of having a iPad . I myself like the HTC , but being I have Apple computers in my home , the iPhone works better with my day to day sharing info between my other devices, so I can totally understand why it works better for him . Don't understand the name calling and shit talking because of what he said works best FOR HIM …

  6. The funny thing is, most people who uses Iphone do it because somehow they think is cool or fashionable, not because of the features. I prefer HTC or Samsung all day, not because of the shape or how pretty it looks, but because of the features.

  7. This guy made some valid points and this was a quality comparison review of the two phones but there was one major detail he missed. The price difference between the two devices. A silver 16GB iphone 6 cost around $550 US while a gold (more expensive color) 32GB M8 cost around $180 US. This may not be a big deal to some most consumers want to get the biggest bang for there buck.

  8. I'm sorry, but you know literally nothing about hardware, or the afformentioned companies to make a logical and honest opinion on either device.

    The HTC One M8(M8s) are lightyears ahead of Apple in every aspect.

    Oh and I dont use either phone, I have them both however; (I'm a test engineer for an education company) but would only use the HTC, and flog the iPhone if I could, while I still could!

  9. Horrible video. Almost all of the categories u mentioned showed the one m8 either matching or beating the iPhone, defeating the purpose of this video all together.

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