iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) speed comparison: which is faster?

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Prone to bending or not, the iPhone 6 remains one of the best phones money can buy. Millions love it for the stylish design, the great camera, and the generous selection of awesome apps and games, among other stand-out features. It is a pretty snappy smartphone, too, with performance ranking it among the fastest, most reliable phones in our book. Is it faster than the HTC One (M8), however?

25 Comments on iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) speed comparison: which is faster?

  1. Don't understand what the fuss is. They are both gonna be fast. Calm down. Its a 50 50 shot. Some apps are faster on IOS some faster on android. All just depends. Android fanboy here and I totally am ok with what just happened. 

  2. iPhone 6 [Dual core 1.4 GHz, 1GB RAM] VS HTC ONE M8 [Quad core 2.3 GHz, 2GB RAM]
    Performance : "Both very smooth"
    If Apple made quad core or octa core CPU > Do you think that? ……   HAHAHAHA!

  3. its seems you press 1 second faster on iphone then htc lol to be honest speeds pretty much the same but i own both of this phone they are the best , but try stock lolipop GPE it will smoke iphone honest

  4. looks like android loves to update it self when you open a app up like a social media app for example making it slower but ios is optimized better to be smoother with no lag same with htc's sense but ios is just a little better optimized 

  5. Something must be wrong with the M8 you're using, because mine M8 opens the apps instantly (most of them) like the facebook one, mine does not open it up that slow. 

  6. i think your wrong…because the gps and the Bluetooth was enabled on the m8 …and they are using the processor .. that's why htc was a bit slower… htc still the boss in my book

  7. PhonearenA can you overclock the M8 @ 2.5Ghz to emulate the Asian model and can you also test the HTC One M8 against the iPhone 6 Plus given the fact that most people upgrade from a 5-5.2inch android to a 5.5inch iPhone and not the 4.7inch besides the much lower resolution of the iPhone 6 IPS display means its ppi is the same as the old Moto X 4.7inch.

  8. The main thing here is not mentioned. ART which can be switched on as a developer. The speed of the M8 is so much faster with run time cut in half. The M8 would run circles around the ip6. You can't tweak an iPhone to be any better than it is. The M8 graphics chip is best for gaming. iOS is good, not great. I like the M8 better. 

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