iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) – Quick Look

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It’s a battle of metals when the iPhone 6 goes up against the HTC One M8.

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43 Comments on iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) – Quick Look

  1. My brother fanatic fan of apple iphone brand.. he show off to me.. i told him dont buy brand plz buy quality.. he bother me. I dare him then we throw his iphone 6 and my htc one m8 from level 3 .. its true see what happened. Now he never show off to me again hahaha.. if u dont believe it. Come see me and we try to see who rocks.. htc better quality

  2. Owned both and in terms of practicality. Htc wins with the sd expansion, able to support other than mp4 like on the iphone, its iteration of lollipop is neat, boomsound is an amazing feature, and the curve on the htc did reduce the fatigue on my hands and its battery life is okay. Its a neat little device especially for people who hate to use itunes like myself.
    Iphone has the better battery life, and i did notice it uses less 3g data, and assurance of security. But prepare to dish out for quality apps on the iphone

  3. Haha android users say stop comparing t to a toy haha stop comparing the iPhone to a piece of shit , android phones always lag , fuck your customization shit you can customize this dick haha

  4. Htc for the long run! Iphone i think are not that good i mean yeah good style and stuff but Htc/ Androids have better looks and quality's. Im sticking with Android. 
    Htc phones are amazing. You can do so much more with Android.

  5. I've always liked iPhone, because i've gotten used to it over the years ever since I got my first one back in 2011. About half a year ago I had been using a Nexus 5 for a few months before I managed to break it. Since I needed a new phone I decided to wait for the iPhone 6 to come out, and so I did. I am happy with my phone, it's a great device. But I sort of regret not thinking twice about going for the HTC One M8. First of all it is hands down the most beautiful phone on the market. And I really like the way it runs in terms of OS. 

  6. Perfect Optimization vs perfect specs…=perfect balance to preference? HTC-Better speaker Apple-better charger. Also, apple really overcharges.

  7. Why does everyone sugercoat the iPhone 6?It's crap compared to the HTC one m8 and its cheaper,more durable and is pretty nice just looking at it.I'd rather not pay for a $600 phone that just has a fingerprint scanner.

  8. wait for HTC one M9 coming out this 1st March with better camera 20MP and 4K video.
    with octa core 64bit CPU.  3Gb RAM. bigger battery.
    iphone 6s or 7 needs to play catch up game here. 

  9. ow to all apple idiots who say ow look benchmarks benchmarks please they dont mean anything and its only the lazy way for retards to say wow the phone is faster than the other look dude if u really want to see who preforms better do a real test and i know the m8 will obviously win so m8 FTW

  10. One glaring omission, is that I didn't wait in line like a fuckin loser to get my M8. Apple isheep need to admit, Steve Jobs is gone, so is the innovation. As for Apple pay, I have been able to use NFC payments with Google wallet since 2011 on my Samsung Galaxy nexus. 

  11. Me and my brother got these phones I got an iPhone he got the HTC and straight away I swamped with him the iPhone was really good but I just wanted some freedom to be honest ?? either way you go you'll get a good phone just omfg restrictions after restrictions

  12. IPhone so overpriced. Why would someone pay £49.99 every month for 24 month + £100 upfront? That's really pathetic decision. That's y apple still making money because people actually feed their silly decisions. I'll stick with my HTC one m8 

  13. I actually think the m8 is the first phone i'm actually content with. I used to always be filled with buyers remorse whenever i bought a new phone. But now i'm just like "meh" to other phones. I don't want another phone unless it's a newer version of mine, and even then i'm not rushing to get it. haha.

  14. I purchased my new phone today and I decided to go with the iPhone 6. I realize that on paper the m8 has higher specs and more features, but the iPhone literally does anything that I ask a smart phone to do. It is fast, simple, and beautiful. While I feel I am a minority in that I am an informed iPhone user, there is a reason that iPhones are so popular. 

  15. @Ma. Eugenia Arias L I really don't think that the performance difference between iPhone 5s and 6 are big, I mean the phones are almost the same, the difference is the screen size

  16. Am I the only person who is HUGELY disappointed on the size of the Iphone 6. I'm pretty basic when it come to mobile phones, and I understand that for people who like to play games and watch videos a bigger screen seems like a plus. But one of the reasons that i loved iphones is that they were smaller. I don't know…maybe I have freakish small hands 

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