iPhone 6 VS HTC One M8 Comparison and SPEED TEST

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Comparing the iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8. Physical differences, speed test, boot up tests and loading times. Which device would you prefer?

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46 Comments on iPhone 6 VS HTC One M8 Comparison and SPEED TEST

  1. Android = used on more than 15 company's phones, Apple = used on only one company's phones.

    Apple's OS is very optimized for it's one and only company making the handsets. As for Android, it is used on many many many many company's phones and is not optimized well, and apps on the Google Play Store are not optimized for every single company that makes Android phones, which explains why most android phones, without proper performance improvements, will likely fail against iPhones.

    Android phone's cameras are usually a thing that people insult, claiming that it's terrible, when these days, some android flagships are quite quality-improved against the iPhone.

  2. HTC only makes their screen look big, while it actually isn't. Look at 4:29! You got the speaker bezel, then the black screen bezel with the HTC logo on it and then on top of it you have the screen bezel! 3 bezels! That is rediculous. Massive phone with a tiny screen. You're being ripped off when you by an HTC. No Apple fanboy here, more of a Samsung guy.

  3. apple is so bullshit they always make all their new devices worth over 900 dollars and its so shitty what the fuck apple i swear i use my sisyers iphone 6 vs my galaxy s5 my s5 has fucking beat the iphone shit 6 plus android is way way smarter

  4. The thing is, You are comparing a phone made a year ago to a phone that just came out. The funny thing is the HTC one m8 is one years old and can hang with a phone that was just made.

  5. 4:31 so the HTC has a bigger screen? but the buttons r on the screen and theres about 5mm border around it. the actual size of the useable display is the same, if not smaller than the iPhone 6…. htc false advertising

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