iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 BOOMSOUND Speaker Test / Comparison

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iPhone 6 vs HTC ONE M8 Stereo BoomSound Audio / Speaker Test & Comparison

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23 Comments on iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 BOOMSOUND Speaker Test / Comparison

  1. All these people saying put the mic closer to the bottom not know that the Htc is louder clearer and fuller so no matter where you put that mic if you listen instead of looking you will notice that the second sounds better open your eyes and it's Htc

  2. The positioning of the microphone was bad and bias towards the htc. Also you should turn the volume down and actually listen to the sound quality because I don't know about everyone else but I never listen to music at full volume on my phone, usually between 30-70%. Also did you know that with the iPhone, the last 2 clicks at the top of the volume only turn up mid and treble to protect the speaker? So it actually sounds better when listening to it at a realistic volume rather than just blasting it on full.

  3. The HTC one m8 is the best phone out there right now. If you download "my android" app look at the specs and compare them. HTC put a lot of thought into its phone it thinks outside the box. Samsung makes good phones but they cram so much unnecessary junk onto their phones. HTC used a 1080 display while the LG g3 used a 4k display this is becUse a 4k display uses more battery and slows the phone down. Samsung has more ram but actually runs slower then the HTC m8 this is because of all its pointless apps and software. The Samsung comes stock with half it's memory used up on shit you won't even use lol. The HTC also has the quick charge Which charges the phone faster than any other phone. The HTC m8 has the best speakers, the best audio reproduction, it has the best DAC to uncompress mp3 audio, when hooked up to your pc HTC automatically installs a program where all your pictures, audio and videos are separated and easily transfered to your pc, if you've ever hooked a Samsung or LG to your pc you know that it's a long list of filed you have to go through to find what your looking for. The HTC one m8 is simple but completely customizable, and operates faster, and smoother than any other phone I've tried. The camera has more options then most digital cameras, and at more options then any other phone camera, HTC has the best selfie camera, HTC has an ad card slot which a lot of phones do not anymore which means everything is saved internally Which overloads your phone, and HTC has the best design of any other phone out to date. No other phone is built as strong nor look as nice, also HTC gives it's users 1 free screen replacement for their phone which you won't find anywhere else. Especially not Apple, and we all know iPhones crack easy as shit. Everyone I unworthy who has an iPhone I'd say 80% of them have a cracked or shattered screen, and that's not covered under warranty so guess what Apple gets more of your money when you purchase a new one…

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