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20 Comments on IPHONE 6 VS HTC ONE M7

  1. The htc one is so underrated that it should be a crime shame that such an otherwise great phone got slept on by the industry and the general public. Long live htc!!!

  2. your hands are too hairy, you need to turn off the ps4, the camera wasn't aimed high enough! your fire alarm needs the batteries changed, and your daughters doll is creepy

  3. I don't agree in terms of app loading speed… i think it is your phone need some clearing or something as my HTC M7 doesn't take that long as yours to load anything at all.

    I not talking about internet speed either, but to load up the actual app, my phone surely doesn't take that long.

  4. Dude, the HTC One has way more options with the default camera.  You just didn't look at the options.  The slow motion on HTC One is something in the editing function, where you can set a time frame for slow mo.  HTC also gives more filtering adjustments for a better image than an iphone.  Also, it's not fair to use just the Youtube app.  The Youtube app on HTC has a strange lag, but not on other apps.

  5. There is a problem with the youtube app and htc one m7 there is a little freeze when you start it up so can not really compare. Try a few other apps. But either way nice vid i really wanted to see this because i have the m7 and waiting for the 6 plus. Thanks!

  6. Been waiting for this comparison as the m7 has a more similar form factor to the iPhone than the m8. Which do u feel has the better design & feel in hand? Thanks. 

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