iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 – Speed Test (4K)

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We put Apple’s new iPhone 6 against the Samsung Galaxy S5. On paper the S5 is a clear winner but will its superior hardware translate into real word advantages?

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 – Camera Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LWvdWfYGh4

Song Featured in Video: http://bit.ly/XJSN9X

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31 Comments on iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 – Speed Test (4K)

  1. I'm not really a " fanboy " of either Apple or Samsung I have an iPhone 6 as my phone and a Tab S 10.5 as my tablet ( iPads suck )

    But when it comes down to it Samsung really suck when it comes to processors and performance. They have these specs which sound so amazing a will fool people into buying it ( it's a marketing trick ) but really the real world performance is terrible. It's like Intel and AMD. AMD have 12 core bulldozer processors or 8 core processors but they're slower than hex core or quad core Intel processors. Why? Because Intel have better architecture and are better optimised. Apple have used dual core for years and have either kept up or beaten the quad core or octa core processors Samsung offer. So I can't wait too see what happens if Apple releases a quad core phone/tablet. 

  2. The Android operating system is looks like amazing, but the IOS is sick. Android has wonderful effects and nice performance. iPhone is speeder than Samsung. Yes. But android is the best.
    Ultra powerful option
    Nice design
    Amazing apps, things
    100% looks like better than IOS
    Easy to use
    Speed = awsome!
    If you think, the Apple and the IOS is better than Samsung because it's speeder, you are very stupid! iPhone is a simple phone, not more…


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