iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 Speed Test! (Detailed)

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This video compares how these two device perform in Real world test. Both are very powerful device so lets see which one performs better.

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32 Comments on iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 Speed Test! (Detailed)

  1. +sebastian fox how come u say ur not gonna jailbreak when u want to do even more jailbreak type shit on the glalaxy. And u can change a hell of a lot more on the iPhone without flashing a rom which BTW is difficult to put it lightly. Not to mention u can't flash if the bootloader is locked. U also have to root to tweak anything major in the system. And the ios jailbreak tools are much more user friendly and unified. Plus jailbreak are coming out faster and faster now with the introduction of pangu 

  2. I love my note 4 and my wife hates her iphone 6 plus now because I told her when we upgrade our phones they both had to be t I he same price. Before I was using HTC M8 32gb + a 128gb micro sd and my wife had an iPhone 5s 32gb which she loved. On one occasion I challenged her because she is a diehard apple fan so I wanted to test her will power. I told her when the challenge started it will consist of who can take the most high quality pics, videos, no data use and only bring your charger for the whole day out. The challenge started around 9am when we stepped out the house both on a full charge, we did the usual had breakfast, went to a theme park, had lunch, dinner later then home after. By 10am we arrived at the theme park took some pics recorded videos then by 3pm her iphone had insufficient memory because of not thinking to take her pics, videos, and apps off before she agreed to start this challenge. Me being the only one with common sense still have a massive amount of storage available on my note 4 which was roughly about 56gb available combined internal and external sd. After 3pm she begged me if she can turn on her data in order to upload some of her photos and videos to the cloud to make storage room so I said its not part of the challenge but I'll allow it this one time today. As the day proceeded on so did my note 4 snapping pics and recording videos so by 5pm it's time for a quick rest. The note 4 had about 23% battery and the iphone plus was dead because of cloud uploads drianing the battery so now it's time for a quick recharge for about 20 minutes to get that iphone back up and running. Me and my wife both had some snacks and chit chat for a bit just to kill some time before proceeding with the rest of the day after 20 minutes. When we both disconnected our chargers my note 4 was now at 65% and the iphone 6 plus was 19%. My wife was literally shocked the whole time complaining that I had an unfair advantage when I clearly asked her before to think and do some research before upgrading her phone. I asked her how did I have an unfair advantage when both of our phones costs the same after you include my 128gb sd card. She then ranted on saying if her iphone 6 plus had at least 64gb my note 4 won't stand a chance so I started laughing. I straight up asked her if she was ready to admit I had the better overall phone for any situation so she did the right thing admitting defeat. Now its 8pm and the day is coming to a close we decided to walk back to the car and check our results. My phone still had 31gb of available storage and 29% battery life and the iphone 6 plus had no available memory and no more battery life. Now the big question is are you willing to over pay for a device just to fit in with the crowd or pay for a device more practical that suits any situation? I got the note 4 first for the quick charge feature, the s-pen, memory expansion, and the camera is a beast. Don't get me wrong I do love the iphone with it's simplicity and apple pay as it has a lot to offer but at the end of the day I'd rather have use a device with useful features instead of being part of the crowd.

  3. wow the first video where the iphone 6 lost from samsung. but after 1 year that Samsung Plastic note 4 will be slow as hell and changed 4 battery's in the mean time. 

    It's funny isn't it? 
    The Iphone 6 comes and people are talking crazy about it.
    Samsung note 4 comes ( Who gives a shit?)
     just leaving this comment here think about it

  4. hey dudes! Is it the Note 4 with octa processor (Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A57) or the only quad core (Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450) ???
    I know iPhone 6 has still only Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone processor

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