iPhone 6 VS Galaxy Note 4 – Speed Test (4K)

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iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Speed Test!
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24 Comments on iPhone 6 VS Galaxy Note 4 – Speed Test (4K)

  1. I just realized something:
    What if specs on Samsung phones weren't for just speed, but they were also for being able to have app the features it does without lagging or slowing down?(No sarcasm)

  2. It's funny because I have the note 4 and the iPhone 6+. And even though Samsung advertises a higher PPi on the note 4, the 6+ spits out better photo and video quality at a lower resolution screen. Brighter and more vibrant colors as well. Hmmmmm weird I must say.

  3. Plss tell me sir which PHn should I buy iPhone 6 or galaxy note 4… I am android as well as ios user… Money is not a worry for me… Plss tell me today… Today I am buying the PHn… Plss reply… Which will you prefer and why… 

  4. apple fanboys crying? actually they both tied and ive seen many speed tests where the note 4 won while never from the iphone and try the exynos version the apple fans will cry so much its soo funny

  5. it is bullshit .Although iphone 6 has 1 gb ram,ıt was able to beat note 4 .We will see the android users after 3 – 4 months when they filled their lovely androids' memory.

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