iPhone 6 Speed Test: AT&T, Sprint,T-Mobile,Verizon

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Here’s an iPhone 6 Speed Test in San Francisco comparing AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile vs Verizon. Unfortunately, fast 4G LTE speeds aren’t guaranteed even right outside a busy Apple store.

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  2. Samsung 6active is the bomb better than I phone everyone I had would freeze up after a year of owning couldn't take back to carrier you had to go to a iPhone store per say which was 55 min away and only 2 min from the carrier I was with just plan stupid if they no you have to take it in from a year or so better throw in a gas card with the I phone Samsung all the way

  3. Been with Verizon for 12 yrs, Live in Florida and by far the best Servive Available Hands Down, U Pay For What U Get and i dnt even pay that much for 4 Unlimited Data lines…. Service EVERYWHERE

  4. Sprint sucks ass!! And they also have hidden fees and take away my upgrade for no damn reason.. Switch from sprint to t mobile after 4 days later sprint customer support manager called me and ask what happen? I told him you guys been charging me hidden fees and took away my upgrade oh hold on Lemme take a look at ur acct oh actually you are eligible to upgrade if you come back! And we can also give u a $200 credit to your acct! No thanks! But thanks for your offer, he said or we can provide you a iPhone 6s 64gb no payments need for 18 months, me no I'm good thanks! Told him this is my 2nd time Man U guys never try to solve it with me then he said okay blah blah .. Been with sprint for 7 years man they just fuked me up for the past 2 years!

  5. Verizon:
    Time spent on LTE networks: 76.8 percent
    Average download speeds: 7.82Mbps

    Time spent on LTE networks: 50.9 percent
    Average download speeds: 4.32Mbps

    Time spent on LTE networks: 59.2 percent
    Average download speeds: 11.5Mbps

    Time spent on LTE networks: 68.5 percent
    Average download speeds: 9.12Mbps

  6. I live in the country in Cleveland Georgia and Sprint gets 22-25 mbps download speed and about 5-10 mbps upload but the problem with Sprint is when I travel it is always roaming and I get charged extra for it so I got Go Phone service from At&t and it was really good coverage with speeds about 15 mbps download and 5-6 mbps up but I get that speed constantly across everyone but I kept running out of data so I switched to Cricket Wireless which is on At&t and I get 21 gb of 4g lte data but is caped at 8 mbps download but I get about 8-10 mbps upload I get the same coverage as Go Phone but slower speeds but they are fast enough for me and I get was more data but I am waiting for the unlocked version of the iPhone 6s Plus to come out to put either Cricket Wireless or I was thinking about getting Verizon Postpaid which is about double the monthly price but since Cricket is not on the full At&t network I might get Verizon.

  7. Wow, that latency in the first test and those download speeds are basic on any Belgian 3G network. A good speed on 3G would be about 20 down, 3,5 up. In the middle of no mans land you get 7/2 or so and in between you have a 15/3 profile.
    On LTE band 3 it's 40-90 down, 20-50 up, on LTE band 20 it's 15-30 down, 10-20 up. Couldn't test the 2600 MHz frequency yet…
    I thought the speeds would be better in the US, definitely if you look at the prices you guys have to pay monthly (my brother lives in the US, and he has to pay like $80 for the same amount of data etc like I have here in Belgium, and I pay €20 a month for it).
    Excuse my bad English :)

  8. I want to comment that I probe all companies a given limit and starts slow data but I stayed with it Sim card Metro PCS cell phone unlocked $ 60 month free unlimited internet contract 4GLTE in the app my meter measured data spend me nearly 40 Gbyts connected with Wi-Fi zone SmarTV with full HD Netflix YouTube

  9. Okay so you have all of those phones sitting directly next to each other, right next to a mobile carrier with I would assume phones running on let signal, I'm also assuming the cellular stop has wireless Internet.
    1. Charge all your phones and turn off the navigation on I believe the middle one so it can test accurately.
    2.. Move the phones Away from each other to stop the signal interference that's blended into each phone.
    3. Quit wasting your time with the terrible cellular devices known as Apple.

    Even if they were all say Verizon but the tower is clear across town and everyone in that town had Verizon you would receive terrible speeds. ATT and Sprint also run a different carrier sig

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