iPhone 6, reviewed and up close

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A bigger screen, a whole new design, and the promise of Apple Pay. What else does Apple’s newest iPhone offer? Scott Stein tells all.

23 Comments on iPhone 6, reviewed and up close

  1. Besides the aluminum build, the design sucks, its so slippery, I would pick HTC ONE m7 over this, even though that is  a 2013, then again , iPhone 6 is like an 2013 Android Phone and I am still being generous 

  2. Why no one talks about the bumped out camera at the back? I haven't seen the phone closeup, but it seems to me that it is a design flaw and not the high quality of attention to details that Apple used to take in their products. 

  3. @Brazilian BR My contract expires in November and if Apple maintain the price, I will buy one, but if not, I will never spent $1300 plus for a new phone, even knowing that the iPhone is the best out there.

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