iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Truly In Depth Comparison

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Technibility presents a Truly In Depth Comparison of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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Watch iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus Comparison here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1A7BLOnnG8

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Watch the individual Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3zYgv18wcQ

Watch the individual Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcI2_v7Vj2U

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30 Comments on iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Truly In Depth Comparison

  1. I hate not being able to drag and drop files on the iPhone without some third party software or something complicated.. and the fact that I have to sync media with one computer only is ridiculous. When I see anyone with an iPhone my first impression is that the person is not tech savvy and cares more about branding than features. Apple makes a flagship phone in 2015 and puts 1 GB RAM in it? WTF, the note 2 had better memory than this 3 years ago. I see no reason to chose the iPhone unless you really want to be in the apple ecosystem.

  2. I had the 6 plus and switched to the note 4. and so far, I like it. the only thing that I personally think about it, is that the cameras actually aren't even that good. I think the iPhone camera is more clear and just looks a lot better, and is snappier. even though the note has more pixels, I think it's more pixelated that the iPhone.

  3. I have 6 plus but got bored not being able to customize it so i jailbroke it and its glitchy so my next phone was the note 5 but I'm thinking note 4. Apple politics just piss me off. I hate how apple doesn't offer much of anything to customize or doing anything but yet they charge you out the ying yang. There warranty is by far the WORST warranty of anything i or anyone i ever known to own. I have to pay for customer service with apple. really? Stupid as hell. I gotta pay $250 for extended warranty and that don't even cover half of the phone? You make millions but yet you're the worst company to deal with, stores are far and few between and always jam packed. They are dumb.

  4. what the fuck are you taking about!!! the same philosophy?? You can't even download files on iphone, saying that they have the same philosophy is like saying America and ISIS have the same philosophy…

  5. This is really not a Comparison i have used iphone's and i have the Note 4-you have simple versus brawn The Note 4 is a beast, the power, along could win this,and if you factor in the display, Camera, Multitasking, Hands Down the Note 4 clear winner

  6. Surprised nobody picked up the camera test, did you see the accuracy on the note4 screen? go to 38:00 mark and have a look at the colour difference between the iPhone 6 and Note 4 and compare the actual background that its recording.

    As you can see the note 4 is almost imperceptible as if looking through the phone to the background. The iPhone colous are all inaccurate. I would put this down to the screen technology (LG/Samsung LCD IPS in the iPhone vs the Sammy OLED) Camera modules are both high end sony camera CMOS sensors which I'm sure are very accurate.

  7. User's  opinion

    Samsung phones are 10X better than any Iphone It is a fact and evidence based..
    example I have been using S3 with HDTV HDMI out adapter  for mirror display(MHL 1.1 2,3 compatible) in HD on TVs Projectors since 2012  now with Note 4 to date
    i.e mutlimedia presentations.vdeo–images –Xrays CT scans Ultrasounds scans video conferencing in realtime on Big screen MRI scans Angigograms….adobe…photo-editing….powerpoint…Excel and using it to teach  undergraduate and post graduate medical students' and medical doctors'  respectively…..
    Anything that you could see on Samsung tables and Samsung phone with MHL out compatibility… games…sat navs… everything 100% What you see is what you get …WYSIWUG the output out…
    Please name ANY iphones that could do the same ….IMHO     the answer is ZERO !!  ie Apple iphones are outdated  and obsolete compared to  Samsung ,LG ,sony and HTC….Asus…. individually or combined..

  8. My late fiancé had an iPhone 6+ from right after it came out, I'd describe him as a fairly heavy user, he ALWAYS had his phone out and was playing, watching, listening to, or looking at something. He only charged it once a day, some days he could go two days or a day and a half. He was very impressed with the battery life. I have a 6, the + was just too big for me, but since 3/19 of this year I've been carrying both my iPhone 6 and his 6+. My first smartphone was an iPhone 5 (still have as well, I believe I have all of the cell phones I've ever had still, not nearly as many as most have had it seems…) but I have a couple iPod touches as well. My boss has an iPhone 4s, the other day I was showing him something on it and after having had my 6 & 6+ it felt absolutely tiny.

  9. I've never been much of a stylus user for no reason other than none of my smart phones had one built in. I'd say if my iPhone had one built in like the Samsung I would probably use it regularly. If I carried a stylus around with me I'd probably lose it.

  10. Why do the CrApple iPhoney fanboys continue to try and say the CrApple is a better product when EVERY single review rates the Note 4 a superior product in every important category?  

    Sure there are things that the iPhoney excells at like it's high cost and inability to customize or expand storage.

  11. 4:45 " now u have these edges , that samsung took from apple design " lel , please be honest enough that u apple boys " Took " our big display 😉 without note series there wouldnt be any iphone 6+ at all , just saying 

    Both companies " Take " stuff from eachother

  12. The whites in this video looked redish on the Note 4 but on another video we were told the iPhone 6 plus and 6 tend to be too blue so that would make the note 4 look redder. Also the Note 4 while everyone is saying so colourful and things pop, it is just saturation which you can adjust. It will look better when a little over saturated if you see the other phone looking washed out. This is not always a good thing as with filming it is better to start with a flat colour and add what you want in colour correction instead of trying to get rid of it. But then that is only for professional filming which most people wont ever do. I think now these phones are pretty much the same in terms of usability but I prefer the Note 4 because I can add memory, the 3gb ram the pen and the replaceable battery. Typing and voice recognition seem to vary from each different review. Some hand it to the Note 4 and some to the 6plus. In the end it's personal choice.

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