iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPhone 5S – Speed Test

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Here’s my speed test comparison of the iPhone 6 Plus vs. the iPhone 5S.
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41 Comments on iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPhone 5S – Speed Test

  1. bro… thanks a tonne for this video… very very helpful…
    just one question though…

    if I buy an iPhone 5s now – (June 2016) how long will I get the latest updates for ?

    will get ios updates at least till 2018 ??? as apple normally provides 5 years support for its devices….

    help much appreciated !!!

  2. When you maked the vid against the samsung galaxy the iphone 5s speed test was horrible and now is fine. It was running at 2 mg and now is running at 23. You should fix that it maked the iphone look bad really bad.

  3. for me iphone 5s looks so premium and also it doesnt feel CHOPPY when holding , the iphone 6 is also good but the rim of the camera lens is very big and if u keep it on the table, and if u touch it it moves back and forth whereas 5s is much more stable (NO OFFENCE iphone 6 fans) but iphone 6 is the king of gaming

  4. I don't see why you would spend 600$ for a new phone when you have a iPhone 5s it is up to date. What's the point of getting the iPhone 6 when iPhone 5s will receive same software updates and same apps from years to come. All your really paying for is a slightly better camera and a little faster phone. That's just outrageous and that's worth 600$ I understand if you are coming from a 4s or below but really there's no need to get a new phone if you have a 5,5c,5s

  5. This "lags" on speedtest is not the wifi, its the server test, you should find a good server to test and you can get full speed without lags.
    english isn't my native language so, apology is something is wrong.

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