iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5s Speed Test

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Many of you have asked to see a comparison in speed between the newly released iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5S. In this video I compare browser speed, unlock speed, an more. I also throw in a benchmark test for good measure.

Let me know what you think of each iPhone in the comments below.

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35 Comments on iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5s Speed Test

  1. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. I have the iPhone 5. I will be getting the iPhone 6s Plus when it comes out, but I just want to know something, see if I turn my phone off then turn it back on then I go to into messages then I click on the box on the top hard corner, does it come up laggy on the 6 or does it come up fast? On my 5 when I click on the box it's VERY Laggy and slow!, I was just wondering, is the 6 laggy when that happens or is it fast? another 2 problems I have, when I am in messages, when I press for the keyboard to comes up, it takes a couple of seconds and feels slow for the keyboard to come up, does this happen on the 6, or does it always come up fast on the 6? Last one, since I updated to 8.1.1 sometimes when I close Safari, it laggs, it's very annoying, it's only started happening when I have updated to iOS 8.1.1.

    So can please someone help me. Like I said. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS, EVERY SINGLE TIME! When I turn off my 5 then when I turn it back on then go into messages then when I click on the box in the top right hand corner, soon I click on the box it's very very slow and laggy for the new message to come up. It does it every single time I turn my phone off then back on, after it does it, it doesn't do it again until my phone off again. It's very annoying cause it does it EVERY SINGLE TIME I TURN MY PHONE. When you turn your iPhone 6 off then back on then when you go into messages then click on the box for a new message, does the message come up fast or does it come up slow and laggy? I hope it comes up fast, cause it's actually very very annoying! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. My first two problems bother me a lot. Does the firs two problems happen on the iPhone 6? Yes or No?

  2. I want to ask 1 important question fingerprint sensor or phone are equal or there is difference between them like speed difference to unlock the phone.. Plss telll between iphone 6 and 5s

  3.  I will download like 7 apps and don't download music and will have like 500 photos, so do you think 64GB will be enough for about 7 apps and 500 photos? Cause if I am honest, when I download the 7 or 8 apps and have like 500 photos I am expecting to still have about 30GB Left, so like I said see when I download the 7 or 8 apps and have around 500 photos do you think I will still have around 30GB Left or do you think I will have less than 30GB left?

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  5. Holy smokes the 6 plus is huge compared to my 5s, looks like an iPad mini compared to my phone. Really that is the only thing that interests me at all about the 6plus is the size, and apparently the battery is much better. Just wondering where i would be able to keep the 6plus in my car, not sure if it would even fit in the cup holder anymore. hopefully some better cases come out for the 6plus soon also. 

  6. Can you do a comparison with iPhone 4? I am still on ios 6.13. Scared that ios 7.1.2 will mess my phone up. So, in thinking of which iPhone. to buy. 5 or 6

  7. Love your videos, Aaron. You're one of the most thorough and professional tech…vloggers? Demonstrators? Out there, and I watch your videos without even owning any Apple products.

  8. Hey just an FYI for you, I noticed particularly in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 that when you run the battery down to sub 20% the performance of the device takes a huge hit. Just figured I'd let you know because your iPhone 6 plus was at 19%, so the tests you ran might not be accurate.

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