iPhone 6 Plus vs Blackberry Passport – Speed test + Benchmarks

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Performing a speed test and benchmark test between the iphone 6 plus and the blackberry passport.
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40 Comments on iPhone 6 Plus vs Blackberry Passport – Speed test + Benchmarks

  1. The match was biased: you compared Android apps, downloaded from Google Play Store that are running on an Android Runtime (a Virtual Machine) against native iOS apps. it must be said that BlackBerry store is BB World and not Google Play Store. It would be better to compare native apps with native apps but for sure those watching your video will think that BlackBerry is always the loser. You forgot also to note that all the apps leaved on tiles on BlackBerry are running and worsening overall performance, while iPhone freezes apps on multitasking due to limited memory resources to 1 Mb. This must be pointed out. In my opinion the best smartphone is the one that suits your needs.

  2. bb os latest updates resulted in much faster performance in android runtime and there is a huge difference since this video made and btw i love that games are opened without being rotated in passport. square display is somehow useful…. for specific users off course

  3. This is not a fair comparison. The apps that you were comparing were all APKs from the Amazon App store. Therefore, making them side loaded meaning they will not run as smooth as apps that are meant for the BBOS. Pce.

  4. this is unfair comparision..those games are from android not from BBapp store..if they are it is faster than iphone…who cares about gaming in phone….fuckyourself
    do legitimate comparision ….dislike for your video

  5. Just so everyone knows, I have the passport and the iPhone 6. There's an App Store called BlackBerry World and you have the option to run android apps from the Amazon App Store (which comes pre-installed) or download Google Play apps by side-loading a Google Play client called Snap. Apps run significantly well when they are native apps from the BlackBerry world. There are native clients, such as one called iGrann which is very good. It performs just like the normal Instagram app except it just has a different name. There are work arounds and the passport will actually get the job done.

    I got the phone knowing there would be a lack of apps, but that still didn't stop me. You have the blackberry hub which shows all your emails, Twitter notifications, Facebook notifications, text messages, missed-calls, etc. It's all in one place and it's very easy to access. Even though I have both phones, I only use my phone to send emails, text, call, and occasionally get on social media. This isn't a phone to play games on but there are games that run pretty good in the device. I honestly use this phone as my daily driver. It's really good. 

  6. Slightly biased towards the IPhone I think. Clicking the screen noticeably quicker than the passport, but there we go. Could have made it abit more fair.
    And most of the apps u opened are iOS or android native apps. Should have done a mixture of blackberry apps and iOS/android or just kept it completely web based.

  7. Even though it's irrelevant in this test but as Maurice said, the Passport has lots of features for business and its native apps run a lot faster than the Androids. I have a Passport and I like the fact that it didn't bend when I've put it in my back pocket ;)

  8. Sick!! Why dont you compare all coming notifications like email from passport and apple, battery life,Multitasking activity,fast typing experience ,sounds,updating status from any social app, calendar,and durability of this two phone. You just using android game that are not native app.. Why dont you try to compare native to native apps of this phones.And most of all BlackBerry is for a people who wants a real BUSINESS. BlackBerry is for people who wants an efficient,simple,best durable phone. I like that two phones but lack of comparison.
    Thats unfair. You must compare all important things of this two phones like you did in browser.
    Pls no offend.

  9. because you do not try to open BBM in the Passport and Iphone 6 to see who wins ??. to look better Android apps you must hide the bottom bar and reduce the appearance of screen ..

  10. It looks like when you compare native apps like Facebook, that the Passport won but it wasn't counted.  There is no way an Android app is going to run faster on BB than a native iOS app.  Let's face it, you don't buy a Passport because you expect it to game fast.  That is an afterthought.  The BB Hub and messenger integration is why you go with BB.  I like them both although they are different animals.

  11. It,s unjust because its,s no BBP os game because of
    game on BBP is slow than iphone 6+
    In fact BBP is faster than iphone 6+
    Please don't instal android apps on it
    and make a another video

  12. The passport is suppose to be for business ppl, the specs arnt bad but its no where near the specs on the iphone 6 plus. That said, it was pretty obvious which phone was going to emerge the victor, but I did NOT expect the passport to get raped like it did in this video..plus the app market sucks ass on blackberry phones.

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