iPhone 6 Plus vs. BlackBerry Passport – Dogfight!

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Can you compare a BlackBerry with an iPhone? Of course you can! Cam goes over the benefits of both phones and compares their design, display, camera and other features that make each great, and not so great. Which is the best?

Passport specs:
4.5-inch, 1440×1440 LCD display
2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip
13MP camera with HDR, OIS
3,450mAh battery
Stereo speakers

iPhone 6 Plus key specs:
5.5-inch, 1080p LCD display
1.4GHz dual-core A8 processor
8MP camera
2,915mAh battery

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43 Comments on iPhone 6 Plus vs. BlackBerry Passport – Dogfight!

  1. great video! Thanks for not being annoying and loud like most peeps reviewing such items. good flow to your vid and informative. Appreciate it much. Subscribed!

  2. Thanks for the comparison! I currently own an iPhone 6s and am not really happy with it and am wanting to go back to blackberry but was unsure what device to go with – Passport or Priv. I think after watching your comparison I'll be going with the Passport!!

  3. Your hairstyle looks like the one that lego guys have. Like you could actually take it off like a hat or something and have a perfectly bald head instantly. With the ring on top of it. Im an iphone 6 user now but I love the Passport. Think Im gonna go for it.

  4. IMO BlackBerry for business/productivity and iPhone for a jack of all trades sort of deal. Mainly due to the keyboard, OS, and size of each device. I prefer BB as the keyboard and battery life allow me to get things done quicker than on my Note 3. Plus I really only use about 10 apps.

  5. Question: I use a MAC and I use a lot of the features and my question is about iCloud type of stuff. Can I have this phone sync with my notes, reminders, calendars, whenever updating something on the berry will it also update on my mac?

  6. I love the Passport. But I have yet to get a full two days out of the battery. This might be due to the side loaded Google Play store and a couple of other apps. Regardless…I LOVE THE PASSPORT over the iPhone. I feel like a real adult using the Blackberry and hope that Blackberry is poised for a resurgence.

  7. Regarding your battery life claims… I'm certainly not able to speak to the BB since I've never used it, but the iPhone 6 plus has blown me away with it's battery life. I can easily go 2 days with minimal usage or a single day of heavy usage. I usually get up to 10 hours of screen on time in a single day. That's just insane compared to anything I've gotten on other phones, it even beats out what I got on the Droid Turbo (I got about 5-6 hours of screen on time there) and that phone had a huge battery! I'm skeptical that the iPhone 6+ really couldn't beat out this phone in the longevity department.

  8. So, Has Blackberry updated anything to their Phone??? like, the interface that you were talking About with some apps? (im more concerned with the common ones like Spotify and Facebook or IG) its 2016 now.. whats the phone like now that its been out for a little while?? what are the improvements that they Have made to the phone??

  9. I haven't been interested in blackberry for years. This passport though is something else. If Verizon carried it, I would upgrade and ditch my note 4 in a second. Once Verizon gets the priv, I may jump to BB. I'd still pick the passport over of them.

  10. I already have iPhone 6, but don't like it much, I have been using blackberrys for past 10 years and luv them, but after my z10 packed up I went over to iPhone 6. However recently I've been considering the blackberry passbook silver edition. I think I want to move back to blackberry but have reservations.

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