iPhone 6 Plus Review!

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35 Comments on iPhone 6 Plus Review!

  1. I'm currently using the OnePlus One but seriously considering switching to the 6 Plus. What do you think the difference in battery life between the two would be? Would the 6 Plus get better battery life?

  2. I can pick up a new phone on my contract in 20 days, I'm switching from a Note 3 to the iPhone 6+, the reason for it is because games are more optimized and lag alot less on IOS then on my Note 3 even though they are equally powerful.

  3. Does anybody have the same same issue with the 6 Plus like me? Swipe up control center and move the sliders for brightness and volume fastly. Is the Animation fluid or buggy and slow? Please try this in different apps and tell me then. I'm really disappointed on how bad my 6 Plus performs. Greetz.

  4. did you mention the capacities? – if you did, I missed it. anyway, worth pointing out that, in addition to the big screen, you can get yourself up to 128Gb of memory, which is a fantastic amount for storing videos. 

  5. Nice job, Mr. Watson, and yes, I think HTC should stick to M8 form factor. Minimizing bezels will certainly bump the size of the screen, however, 5 inch is plenty. This is a personal communicator, not a laptop, in my opinion. Awaiting it's release.

  6. Here's the thing, I have this phone and love it. People that are anti Apple cry about the camera but man, it's a PHONE. These things aren't made to take pics like a dlsr camera. It's made to make calls, send text and emails and the occasional app gaming etc. Jesse, I understand that you want 1 thing to carry around but damn chill, camera is fine, and the phone is fine. End doc story

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