iPhone 6 Plus Bending – What Apple isn’t Telling You

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iPhone 6 Plus Case Bend Test: http://youtu.be/aUqyu2ZNo5o

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Uncut: http://youtu.be/gJ3Ds6uf0Yg

WIRED iPhone 6 Plus Review: http://www.wired.com/2014/09/iphone-6-plus-review/

Read this: http://9to5mac.com/2014/09/30/bendgate/

Original iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test: http://youtu.be/znK652H6yQM

Marque’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3QcOSyD38M
DetroitBorg iPhone 6 Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE3mvLRlpWc
Danny Winget Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB679FPpx1o

Original MacRumors iPhone 6 Plus Article: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1787928

iFixit iPhone 6 Plus Teardown: https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone+6+Plus+Teardown/29206

9to5Mac Inside Apple’s PR:
Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media

Most logical iPhone 6 Plus bending…

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  1. Not to be an ass, as I am a subscriber to most of you guys, but if you all are indeed telling the truth, how come not a single one of you mention the flaws of Apple's iOS software? Like frame drops on the iPhone 6S plus vs. the iPhone 6? How about Samsung A9 chips throttling? How about the iPhone SE getting lower quality control A9 chips that were rejected for the 6S/6S+ phones?

  2. It's not just iphone 6+ it's the iPhone 6 as well, this is my third time exchanging it, but it's frustrating have to go to apple and rebackup everything to your new device. iPhone 6 and 6+ are just junk

  3. This is probably the most honest review I have seen. I just bought an iPhone 6 plus less than 8 hours ago. I am thinking about returning it because of how easily people have been bending it… not sure yet.

  4. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA you people are fucking losers.
    OMFG something bends when you try to bend it. HAHAHAHAHA who gives a fuck. WHat kind of weird tries to bend their phone

  5. simple don't make phones so big there getting a stupid size whats next is an i pad going to be a phone
    and see peple walking around whit them
    use to be small is best

  6. I have been a loyal Apple fan for years. I've had iPods, Macbooks, and iPhones. I've bought into their stuff again and again.
    Let me tell you, this is the end of that for me.

    After about six months of use, my iPhone 6 got the infamous bend. Mind you, this is a phone that has had a case on it since the day I bought it, and part of that was with an Otterbox Commuter case, which is a tough nut to crack. I carried this darn thing exclusively in my purse or backpack, because everyone said keeping it in your pocket would bend it. Sure, I might have dropped it a couple times, but nothing dramatic. Who hasn't dropped their phone? Shit happens.
    So I contact Apple Care, and go through the rigamarole of chats. I'm still within warranty. Eventually, after sending them photographic evidence of this bend (a diagonal bend in the casing from the silence button to the sim card slot; the glass of the phone was fine), and discussing how I used this product, they told me to send it in. The battery may be pillowing, they said. Don't worry, you're still covered. Send it in.

    So we did.

    Then I get an email asking me to update my repair request. Surprise! It's not covered. No explanation why. It just isn't. It tells me my phone is "bent/twisted". No shit! That's what I told you, Apple! I even expressed concern this was part of the great "Bendgate". You're the one who told me to send it in.

    They want $300 to fix it.

    So I'm sitting here, fuming, and naturally want to talk to them about this. This is an established issue with their phones. I took the utmost care of my phone. You all know I'm klutzy as hell, but I protected this phone like it was my child. I did everything they told me to in order to protect it. I wanted to fight this, to at least understand WHY this wasn't considered normal use, and I wanted to hear it from Apple. There's an option to talk to Apple Care about the issue, so I pick that.
    Since my phone repair isn't covered, neither is my technical support anymore. Never mind that my iPhone is still in warranty (for at least another month). So I have to pay to talk to them, either a one-time fee, or the extended Apple Care package. Or I can request an exception. We'll see how that pans out, but given that they already said it's not covered, I doubt the "I believe my product has a covered hardware issue" option is going to work, and that's the only one that applies.
    I have heard many complaints over the years about Apple and its methods, and I usually tried to ignore it. I loved my laptops, my iPods, and my experiences have been wholly positive for the most part. Broken parts were usually my fault, and extraordinary (who remembers the Great Laptop Dive of 2008? 'Cause I still do). I have shelled out many, many dollars to buy into their products again and again because the experience has been mostly positive. Sure, we were lucky to largely avoid dealing with the Geniuses and Apple Care, but we had enough that it seemed good, for the most part. I've replaced many power cables thanks to them, and once, gotten a busted keyboard fixed in ten minutes. But the signs were showing that this was coming a long way off, what with having to replace screens and hard drives ourselves, and it getting harder and harder to deal with phone issues.

    We just chose to mostly ignore it.

    But when a company decides to say "f— it" to an established issue, and screw you six ways to Sunday just so you wont contest it, I'm done. Apple, you may have a great deal of market share, but your customer service is terrible. You've been rubbing me the wrong way for a while. This was the final straw. And since I can't vent to you in person, or on the chat, or on the phone, because I'd literally have to pay to tell you you suck, I'll vent here. And not buy your products again if I can sincerely help it.
    /end rant

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  7. 1 say please give me what I want 
    2 think of something you always wanted 
    3 kiss both hands ( the one first, then the right one ) 
    5 wait 24 hours 
    6 look under your pillow

  8. Ok then explain why the video started at 2:26 ? ( phone was not bent) He went through the whole video explaining the bending then magically the video ended with a bent iPhone but it was only 1:58 I think? So it took him thirty minutes to bend the phone but going back in time?? I think the video is bullshit he had 2 phones one normal and one bent did some magical video editing or something and ended it with the bent phone ( but not the bent phone that he was supposedly bending on video). That's my guess not sure how he did it but I think he saw a opportunity for major views. phone was hot out the gate people were watching YouTube for reviews and he saw that as a way to get views big time!!! I'm not saying that there isn't a problem with the phones bending I'm sure there is!!! I'm not defending anyone on that!! just saying that I think his video was bullshit there is no way it can be legit !! Unless you can prove me wrong I think there was a lot of editing and behind the scenes magic to get that end result!!! I think the time on the phone says it all!!

  9. As a repair person of iPhone's I have to point out: The reason that it didn't bend even though Lou was putting the force in the middle was simply because the BATTERY is under those buttons. This being said, nearly ALL iPhone's have their battery in this position! There's no pegboard or "reinforcement" above the battery. I'm so irritated with people who think that it just bends! Out of the million+ sold /9/ were PUBLICLY reported.

    So you're telling me, that if HP releases a laptop, sells 1 Million of them and 9 have the same flaw (LIKE THE KEYBOARD ON ALL OF THEIR LAPTOPS), that it would blow up like this? No! People call HP, get an agent out to their homes and then gets it repaired. 

    What people should do with their iPhone 6/6+'s that are bending is take it to Apple. EVERY (most) TOWN(s) HAS(/have) AN APPLE STORE WITHIN A FEW MILES! Stop being lazy and complaining about the problem and do something about it!

  10. I'm a 11 year old boy and I'm pretty strong for my age and I was able to bend the 6+. Even though I'm strong I should not be able to bend the phone because I am 11 in the end of the situation

  11. Guys what's wrong with you!?! Ya'll know nobody's gonna be bending the phone! All these are useless tests, nobody's gonna bend their phone and nobody's gonna drop their phone from the 3rd floor or wherever they are.. It's just possible to drop it on the floor where you are standing but not from the balcony of your apartment !! 

  12. You are being dumb. I know that the iPhone bends. I had mine bend very small amount. They do bend. I don't think its a great product. I think you are not understanding the whole story.

  13. People say it's easy to bend. Uhh no its actually not they said they barely put any pressure on it to make it bend, but they are actually using like all of their strength to break it.

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