iPhone 6 Photos LEAKED – Rumors, Larger Screen, Sapphire Display

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iPhone 6 photos have been leaked online. Is this the real iPhone 6?

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48 Comments on iPhone 6 Photos LEAKED – Rumors, Larger Screen, Sapphire Display

  1. I don't get why everybody complains about the minor improvements with the new phones. By the time your contract is up your probably going to be like 3 phones behind so then when you do upgrade their actually is a huge difference

  2. I recently traded my 5s in for a samsung galaxy s4, I once was a die hard iphone fanboy until the 5s fell short of expectations(same as iphone 5 with a fingerprint scanner that is less than impressive). I have jumped ship, I came from Android and damn it, that's where I belong!!

  3. i really like the look of this. But as always I'd then put it off and tell myself its better to wait another year for a 6S, then its the same the following year for a 7…

  4. Looks like Apple took the Galaxy and threw all of Apples guff on it and called it theres. Funny part, Apple might even sue Galaxy for stealing there design. Haha.

  5. I dont like how it looks, like they couldt just make it the same size as the iphone 5S, Iphone 5S us the best size but bigger than that will seriously be too big for a mobile phone…

  6. I really don't think it's a good idea of making an iPhone looking like a galaxy man and if apple does that a lot of ppl would leave their company and go get a new phone and plus I don't like big screens and phones the iPhone fits perfectly on the other hand the galaxy can not fit in my hand I have to use both of my hands to text I just hope that this ain't going to be the new iPhone 6 

  7. All i freakin care from iphones is a larger screen thats it…nothin else but please…dont turn the screen into a sapphire screen its gonna be so f**kin expensive…

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