iPhone 6+ iOS 9 Official VS Galaxy Note 5 – Speed Test!

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iPhone 6 on Official iOS 9 VS Galaxy Note 5 – Which is Fastest?

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36 Comments on iPhone 6+ iOS 9 Official VS Galaxy Note 5 – Speed Test!

  1. The S Pen is dope and it's cool when I'm out and about if I see something I need to jot down I can pull out the S Pen and write on the screen and slide the S Pen back in a day it's saved in s note. this phone has some monster attributes and I know it's a bad ass of a phone. I work in a Verizon store and I've had plenty of iPhone 6 users to come back in with their problems but not one Note 5 has come back in here with an issue. And as far as this quad HD screen and this 76.62% screen to body ratio….watching 4K videos (down scaled to 1440p) is some type of experience.

  2. another apple fan boy here doing the review. when the Note 5 was clearly the faster phone in opening an app it was just a "bit faster". But when the iPhone was only faster by just a few milliseconds it was alot faster than the Note 5 according to him. On top of that the Note 5 in some multi tasking apps was just that….milliseconds behind the iPhone and this dude act like it was 10 seconds behind the iPhone like the Note 5 was just a complete catastrophe or something. Dude kill the drama. the Note 5 is a fantastic device and is the best phone I've ever had. the keyboard software is bad ass as this auto correction for instance on the Note 5 is insane….this thing catches every typo and it replaces it with the right word.

  3. are you making this test seriously? It's definitely seen that Note 5 has much more better hardware and also with lollipop it gets much more better but you are saying even while you open the whatsapp that iPhone is faster? Please watch it again than because that was just at the same time just because keyboard dosen't mean that it's slow

  4. It amazes me that he did not use the multi window view on the note, or show it's ability to run more than one video simultaneously while still in split screen mode. Note series is Multi-Task King! Get it right buddy

  5. All that many apps loaded on the N5 prior to start opening apps?, come on man, clear all the apps on both phones to get a more accurate measuring.

  6. … stop complaining about iphone is better because its one year older. and samsung is way back in developement think about it in this way. samsung doesnt have just one series they have: A series, Note series, J series, active series, and now the edge series

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