iPhone 6 iOS 9 GM vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Speed Test!

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This one here is a comparison between iOS and Android, with two of the latest phones carrying the operating systems, iPhone 6 with iOS 9 GM and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 running Android 4.1.1. Let’s see who wins in this speed test between the two devices!

As Apple released two newer iPhones today for this year, the major competitor for the Note 5 is still on its way to the market.

The iPhone 6 with iOS 9 GM started up slightly faster than the Note5 in the startup comparison which came as a huge surprise. But in opening the Phone app and the camera, the Galaxy Note 5 won with a big time difference. Opening up the calculator seemed to take similar times in both.

The multitasking screens are somewhat similar in both Android and iOS now but slower in the iPhone 6 with iOS 9. It’s quite disappointing that the iOS still doesn’t have a close all button for multitasking. The quick access screens have many similar features in both iOS and Android. When comparing the voice assistants,…

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  1. Your not happy right now that the iPhone won even tho it's still in its beta stages but at least u still showed the video so I'm impressed by that because I know that your into your Samsung android but keep doing your thing and I hope it all goes well with you moving into a new place looking forward to seeing more videos

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