iPhone 5s vs. HTC One Part 1

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Apple iPhone 5s vs. HTC One with Android 4.3 Sense Part 1 – Stay tuned for part 2! http://www.technibility.com – Check out Technibility for daily updated news, reviews, comparisons, how to’s, ROM’s, entertainment and opinion pieces and more!

Check out part two – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaWIj2sQKvU

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26 Comments on iPhone 5s vs. HTC One Part 1

  1. I had iPhone 4 and i had it in an otterbox and the lock button quit working with in a couple months. Not to mention so many of my friends with iphones experiencing the same problem. Nothing worse than having that stupid assistive touch dot running around your screen. I got the HTC one about a year ago with an otterbox as well and the case does not cover the lock button. It still works. Apple really needs to fix the button or redesign it somehow. HORRIBLE PROBLEM TO HAVE

  2. Lmao… Funny how everyone is dissing the iPhone. Let me tell you something about this crappy HTC one. It sucks!!!! Texting sucks!!!! The battery sucks!!! The screen lags… The camera sucks!!!!! The only good thing about this crappy shit is the speakers that's it. Everything else sucks. I regret leaving Apple for this crappy Android piece of shit. 

  3. Lol iphone fanboys gtfo because the iPhone is like call of duty the same game every year so yeah the Htc one is a about the same as the iPhone but you don't got to say fandroid or shit like that because you know you probably watched this so you could tell your mom what to get you for Christmas knowing you are a iPhone fan an most people have iPhones you would pick it so don't try to hate because the Htc one actually proven for better screen

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