iPhone 5s vs. HTC One M8 – Speed Test

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Last of our three comparisons, before the full head-to-head is the speed test. We’re not interested in misleading Geekbench scores, or any geekiness like that. We wanted to see how each phone’s performance was in real life. That means loading up different apps, and testing the internet speeds. What made a surprising difference was the 802.11ac technology in the M8. In short: HTC’s new phone is very fast.

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32 Comments on iPhone 5s vs. HTC One M8 – Speed Test

  1. iphone 5s works on 5Ghz band  speed internet ! you have 2.4 ghz…..  PING 41 ?! really ?   Too bad i can't upload a photo here too see… 3ms PING , 48.94Mbps DOWNLOAD ; 40.69Mbps UPLOAD !!   If you have a bad internet connection , don't throw shit on iphone  dude ,  5s is better than that !

  2. funny that if you look at the graphs from the internet speed test, the iPhone has a much more stable connection and twice as less latency while the htc has a chaotic download graph and 2xmore lag

  3. While I do admit that I favor Android platforms over iOS I have to say this comparison is null because the battery life on the phones are very different. Iphone is down to 24% while M8 is around 75%. In addition we would have to know that the software is as equal as possible, meaning the apps installed and apps running are equivalent (as close as can be). So I down voted this comparison. Sorry.

  4. I as well owned a iPhone, and while it offered what's most important to me with a smartphone ( performance ). The overall experience was just boring. I basically only used my iPhone for a phone and nothing more. Now that I have the M8, I barely ever have the need to use my tablet. And I get what's most important to me, the best performance of any smartphone I ever owned. The iPhone in my opinion is no more than a fashion statement, that's why it's sad to see so many men having them. I know I had one myself, but that's how I came up with that conclusion. There's no place like android, there's no place like android, I'm back home.

  5. I had to quit watching this video, he made a excuse for the iPhone on every test. The M8 loaded the actual app faster, but the iPhone started loading the animations first, lol. 

  6. You can't possibly test speed differences this way. I'm an HTC user and I love iPhone quality (but not price) – and I must say this test is a mess. Many app developers of apps like Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Hangouts use a lot of OS-specific code to make the app work great on the device it was built for. This means that Whatsapp on Android 4.2.2 runs completely differently from Android on iOS.

    Also for the webpage load tests – cache, server-side cache, packet loss, handshaking etc etc etc must be taken into account when you test these features.

    This isn't a great comparison test. 

  7. What I wanna know is why y'all stopped uploading, I didn't watch every single video everyday but I enjoyed the channel. Seems like since Jake left the channel was okay and then abandoned for 8 months now. ):

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