Iphone 5s Vs Htc One M8 Opening Apps Speed

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20 Comments on Iphone 5s Vs Htc One M8 Opening Apps Speed

  1. People say "iPhone is older and HTC One M8 is Newer" make me angry. It's Not HTC Two, It's and Update of HTC One M7, That's already Kick off the iPhone, the m8 is just un Update to confirm that HTC is doing really well, Oh and Nexus 5 TOO :)

  2. I think we are getting way too impatient as a society. Why are we making a big deal about milliseconds in time difference? I couldn't even tell the difference in most of these…

  3. For the last browser opening test the m8 was faster because it only loaded up google while the iphone loaded up the guardian web page they should be opening up the same web page but nice vid the iphone was faster most of the time 

  4. I don't see much difference on both. But I hate the slow clicky home button and animations on 5s. Had many hone button failures. HTC's home hone is much better n faster. 

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