iPhone 5s vs HTC One Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the iPhone 5s and HTC One, two aluminum bodied smartphones that are available on most major carriers. Both feature sharp displays, fast CPUs and cameras with large imaging pixels. But size and OS set them apart, among other things.
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28 Comments on iPhone 5s vs HTC One Comparison Smackdown

  1. I've had the HTC one for 6 MONTHS now great phone , picture quality could be better. Was going to get the iPhone but I wanted a bigger screen. Will probably switch to iPhone if apple makes a bigger screen this year. My wife has an iPhone it's just easier to use. 

  2. I miss when cell phones barely came out.. That's when everyone agreed that life was too short to be complaining about someone else's property and ability to work for what they want in life.

    Now it's constant arguing and b****ing about what someone prefers.

    People purchase what they feel would make them happy. People work to make their family or selfs happy by buying their needs or wants in life. Life will always be this way. You shouldn't tell people what to or not to buy because it makes YOU happy. They aren't you and they never will be.

    As I said, life is too short. Let people buy what they want and keep yourself happy by purchasing, doing and/or living with whatever you want. Worry about you and just you (and your kids if you have any).

    Oh, right! Phones. They're personal preferences that can be used to contact people, blog feelings, find answers, play games, and listen to music. They come in various sizes with different operating systems, designed for different people. The important thing about the differences in these is the fact that they're different. It's the same thing with food, clothes and animals. I'm sure some of us would hate to wear tight or baggy clothes, eat tortillas the rest of our lives, and have only one breed of dog in everyone's house. Being DIFFERENT is good. Having OPTIONS is better. The ability to CHOOSE is amazing. 

  3. Comparison about the ppi is incorrect. The one has a bigger screen therefore a lower ppi would be noticable. e,g a gs3 has a 4.7 inch screen at 720p and the one has a 4.7 inch screen at 1080p, forget about colour reproduction and concentrate on sharpness, the one is clearly much more clear and sharp compared to the s3

  4. It oh it seems we have a couple retards who like iPhones u prick the u don't any other fuckin phone because u r too fuckin lazy to get up and search different phones fuck sake not everyone as as bloody rich as many iPhone users r such retards they don't know shit about anything bugger it gets me so annoyed

  5. Overall, the HTC One is by a long shot the better phone!

    However, there is one major problem with the HTC One/Android: fragmentation.

    All well and good that the HTC One's hardware is 1080p, but very few apps utilise it because they are made for low res displays, making them appear blurred and fuzzy on the One.

    This problem is nonexistent on the iPhone because there is one 'Retina' standard.

  6. I have the 5s and my friend has the One, honestly we both agree they're amazing phones. While mine may be faster and have a better camera, it's hard to beat the front speakers, beautiful screen, and better battery life on the One. Most people would be happy with either phone. 

  7. For me, the biggest and most telling difference between iOS and Android is that when you try and talk about tech with iOS users, they just look at you, stunned that there are real options out there. I've never had a good sit down banter with an iOS head, If iOS heads really exist. But, almost anyone with an Android phone will have some opinion on options, set up, Samsung v HTC,  etc. Apple is like a different planet. Google is a more interesting Earth. 

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