iPhone 5S Processor Allegedly Leaked With Other Specifications

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Thumbs up for the iPhone 5S coming sooner.

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The iPhone 5S has been an highly leaked device in terms of parts, accessories, and more. Typically, the S hints that the design stays the same as the previous model. iOSDoc is reporting that it has obtained images of Apple’s next processor incorporated into its devices. This is known as the A7 processor, and is alleged to boast major new features. For starters, it is alleged to feature a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, a 13-megapixel camera, a 5-inch display, and more! The current iPhone 5 rocks a 1.3 GHz dual-core chip, but with this alleged quad-core technology it will allow the phone to truly excel.

These are again just rumors, but it appears that with all the other competition incorporating this into their devices, it seems like this is the only feasible solution. Furthermore, a 1080p display seems viable as many of the top smartphones that have been released/alleged…

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  1. @elliot hopkinson don't buy your son an iphone he is only 19 years ild its gonna be useless buy him an ipod touch 5 generation its gonna save you money plus a 3 years 50$ minimum/month contract

  2. Well considering the brain doesn't stop growing until you are 20, and the fact that a brain is constantly learning new information everyday until the day you die. I guess you are right, but technically that applies to you as well.

  3. stop the 1min videos, i dont know what your saying because its to fast. keep the videos within the 3:30 min videos. the only thing i heard was that the iPhone 5s might have a A7 Process. come on man, u make great videos but got to make the videos longer and go more into Details with the topic.

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