iPhone 5S iOS 9 Review

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iOS 9.3 Review here:https://goo.gl/JpGPH3

Not Sure rather you should upgrade to iOS 9 For your iPhone 5S, this review attempts to help you make that decision as I cover the basics with some nice visuals and performance of the device. If you enjoyed this video please be sure to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more videos like this. As always, thank you for watching!

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Introduction to iOS 9: 0-1m
Storage Space to update: 1:05-1:21
Boot Up test: 1:21- 1:34
New Font Around iOS: 1:34- 2:00
The New Notes/Drawing Feature: 2:01-2:28
New Wallpapers: 2:30- 2:48
New Siri: 2:49-3:05
Camera Test: 3:05-3:21
New News Feature 3:22-3:31
Apple Maps: 3:32-3:40
Battery Saving Modes: 3:39-3:47
App Multitask Speed Switching Test 3:49-5:02
New App Switcher: 5:02-5:19
Conclusions 5:20-5:43

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30 Comments on iPhone 5S iOS 9 Review

  1. Is there a way to update from IOS 7.1.2 to IOS 8? I do no wish to update to IOS 9 but I need to be running atleast IOS 8 to be able to run one of my favorite apps. Infact that app is the only thing keeping me with Apple but the latest app update now requires that you have 8.0 or later for it to function at all.

  2. sigh so long story short lol my Samsung Corby pro decided to die and I was wondering if the iPhone 5s 16 gig model is go or no go ..vs getting the lg g3 …I'm in Canada and phone prices are ridiculousdamnlous so I'm getting the g3 pre owned for $240 or the iPhone 5s I guess we'll out sale for $360

  3. The app switcher does look modern, but it is harder to swipe without either missing or swiping down the line. I would prefer the iOS 8 version of the app swipe feature.

  4. When I use the app switcher, there is no momentum. I can page only one app at a time. How can I get it to scroll multiple apps at a time like in your video? If it could do that, I'd be happy, although I think I like the iOS8 version better. But as it is now, with no momentum, it's terrible.

  5. I still feel fear upgrading to IOS9 because back in days i upgraded my iphone 4 to ios 7 and it was like potato and i still regret that decision, same thing gonna happen to 5s if i upgrade to ios9.

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