iPhone 5S iOS 9.3 Speed Test!

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Hello there everybody, and welcome to this episode of the iPhone 5S iOS 9.3 Speed Test. The intention of this video is to show you the performance of the device in depth (not technical) but rather a real world look at the device.

In this video we will do a boot up test, a touch id test, lock screen test, general user interface test, system apps test, camera speed test, multitasking speed test. The purpose of this video is to help you to decide whether or not it is worth you upgrading your software on your iPhone 5S to iOS 9.3 for your Apple device. Questions or concerns, leave those down below in the comment section of this video ­čÖé

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iPhone 5S iOS 9.3 Review here:https://goo.gl/eZvdj6
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23 Comments on iPhone 5S iOS 9.3 Speed Test!

  1. Brother my iphone 5s even my iPhone 6s after some time iam using my iPhone it's automatically restart for 3 ,4 seconds and apple logo on my screen with out any reason please help me´╗┐

  2. if you get specification from 5S to 6 nothing much change only the size of the screen of 6, thing start to change on 6S but if you are going to buy 6 instead of 5S you are just pay more money and get the same phone, however if you like big mobile big screen the pay for the screen´╗┐

  3. I bought the iphone 5s 15 days ago n iam getting 5 hrs heavy usage n 6 to 8 casual usage like listening to music using social network sites .i use the iphone in low power mode all the time n while the fone is on standby i always put it to greyscale mode´╗┐

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