iPhone 5s & iOS 7 Leaks (Developers Logs, Mid-2013 Release & More!)

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New iPhone 5s leaks suggest that the iPhone 5s could be arriving sooner than expected! A leaked iPhone app developer log has revealed the iPhone 5s & iOS 7.

At least one app developer is seeing the first signs of life when it comes to iOS 7 and the next iteration of the iPhone.

According to an unnamed app developer that spoke with TheNextWeb, records are showing up in their app logs for an “iPhone6,1″ running on iOS 7. As a point of reference, the iPhone 5 appears in logs as “iPhone5,1″ and “iPhone 5,2″ depending on which version it is.

While these sorts of identifiers can be faked, the IP addresses that the device came in on were tracked back to ones used by Apple on its Cupertino campus, adding some definite weight to the results.

Development logs have long been where the first glimpse of a new Apple product appears, so this is not the least bit unusual. What is out of the ordinary, however, is that they usually show up fairly close to a launch window. While there there…

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  3. @ park Brian .I had a nexus s which upgraded to 4.0 and a galaxy nexus which WILL upgrade to 5.0 . and also discriminate the phones not android . reason why some phones can't upgrade are because of the stuff inside(e.g ram, ROM , storage space.

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  5. That's why i dont like galaxy. Samsung is making phone because money. They think customers are money not human. Google, ofcourse they didn't upgrade Nexus One to ICS, but xda did it.
    On the other hand, Apple upgrade iPhone 3GS an iOS6. They upgrade their phohe for 4 years while samsung ugrade for 1 year. Thats why i dont like samsing and android. They think customer is money not human

    iPhone's spec os twice lower than Galaxy. But you know what? iPhone was faster than Galaxy. You know why? Because it's sucking Samsung and Google's opertaring system.

    Android sucks. They are very slow, unstable. IOS ofcourse they are unstable but they are very fast, and also it can be upgrade at least 3years. Samsung's Galaxy S stopped upgrade last spring. Samsung said because ram and rom is to small. But same spec of Nexus S and Optimus Black successed ICS official upgrade.

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