iPhone 5C vs HTC One Comparison!

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Comparing the differences and similarities between the brand new iPhone 5C and the HTC One. Both retail for $599.00.

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50 Comments on iPhone 5C vs HTC One Comparison!

  1. You failed to mention that the HTC rapes the iPhone in terms of sound quality/speakers. also it has more ppi (pixels per inch) – even though the screen is bigger. This makes the display better.

  2. Just face it everybody the htc one is better…….the iPhone seems just like a toy phone that any child can simply get and smash………sometimes I wonder why parents spend so much money on a phone just to give to their kids……….

  3. The HTC screen looks really smudgy compared to the 5C. The problem with Android is it has a very clunky, jerky feel to it. Whereas Ios7 just feels really smooth to the touch (pun intended). But literally it does. I had 5 different android devices in the span of about a year and a half. Before that I had a single Iphone for about 2 years. Now I am back to iphone. Constant updates, everything is fully integrated and no clunky jerky hiccups to have to deal with. Much nicer experience and less stressful.  

  4. @tony montanna If you can come up with a good reason on how it's overpriced then you can say that. A smaller screen is not a good reason a lot of people find it to be better to have a screen that you can use with one hand. As far as performance goes their about equal as a matter of fact the iphone looked smoother and had better graphics running on the same iphone 5 platform. 

  5. Personally I think HTC makes awesome phones I have a 5c and I love it probably because it's simple and familiar to me I've tried HTC phones they're excellent but there's something about apple that's made me stay with them despite most other phones being better for price 

  6. Apple overcharges for memory space. 200 bucks for  an extra 58 gigs.Thats insane. Put a 64 gig microsd card in almost any android for around 60 bucks. that's a huge letdown for me

  7. I used to have an android and.. one reason why I decided to changed to apple is that I couldn't download some apps that were available only on ios

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