iPhone 5c vs 5s Raw Drop Test

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With the new iPhone 5c many people were curious what would be the case with structural integrity. In this video the iPhone 5c and 5s are put to the test to see how they hold up to every drops and falls. Watch the video to see how each one fairs.

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  1. dropped my 5c on my TABLE and it smashed so much it won't turn on. two weeks later I dropped it on my bathroom tiles after paying €200 getting it fixed and payed another 100 to replace the screen. a month later dropped it AGAIN with an otter box, same routine of €100,same again two months later. after almost €500 spent on getting it fixed six months later, I left my phone in my schoolbag (under my books mind you) and although there were no scratches the screen was fucked and wouldn't turn on. I'm done. DO NOT get the 5c if you are in any way accident prone.

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